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Tuesday, October 19, 2021

When I turned my parents’ caregiver

India and the new ‘Quad’ in West Asia

Coal crisis can drag down recovery. All stakeholders must act

Only a politics that ensures growth and opportunities for all will make caste irrelevant

Grown up politics

February 15, 2009 12:53:28 am

Eighty days after 26/11,Pakistani authorities have responded to India’s dossier

All in the name of Hindu culture

February 15, 2009 12:52:14 am

As a natural ally of the Consortium of Pub-going,Loose and Forward women,my only objection to the Pink Chaddi Campaign is that large boxes of knickers are not being sent to the real villains of the piece.

Democracy and the five-year ritual

February 15, 2009 12:50:31 am

The other day I was talking to a fellow political activist about how to increase voter turnout on the polling day.

Stay on

February 14, 2009 11:14:40 pm

Kashmir has seen a decline in tourism; and tourism is one of the primary sources of income there.

Bankers beat actors on news TV

February 14, 2009 3:36:49 am

Till I saw CNBC’S telecast of the US House Financial Services Committee Hearing — for those who missed it,the video is up on the web…

Gandhi’s new assassins

February 14, 2009 2:21:52 am

The BJP is touting ‘Hind Swaraj’ as a Swadeshi manifesto. It is anything but

Breaking out of the same old

February 14, 2009 2:18:45 am

Pakistan might have cooperated sooner if New Delhi had shown restraint rather than machismo

Cow ka Cola

February 14, 2009 12:57:10 am

As if pesticides in colas were not enough. RSS’s Cow Protection Department will now launch a soft drink with cow urine as its base ingredient.

It’s just a film for God’s sake!

February 13, 2009 7:56:17 pm

Harneet Singh | Fully Filmi
Shah Rukh Khan is perplexed. His lawyers are in a tizzy. The entire Red Chillies office is scurrying around. By now you know the story: The Salon and Beauty Parlours’ Association found the word ‘barber’ objectionable in the title ‘Billu Barber’ and threatened to get a stay on the film’s release.

Pakistan’s half a confession: Holbrooke’s first success?

February 13, 2009 5:06:55 pm

C Raja Mohan | Raja-Mandala
Even the most sceptical of Indian analysts will have to concede that Pakistan has taken an important step forward Thursday in acknowledging that at least part of the planning for the Mumbai outrage took place in Pakistan.

Mangalore pub attack

February 13, 2009 1:49:12 am

Reacting to the attack on a pub in Mangalore by volunteers of Shri Ram Sene,Urdu papers have expressed their views on the broader context of India’s culture.

What’s listed this Parliamentary session

February 13, 2009 1:48:15 am

The last session of the fourteenth Lok Sabha commenced on Thursday.

Love actually

February 13, 2009 1:45:39 am

“I love you,Fiza”,Chand Mohammad gushed to his new wife,and an assembly of journalists.

The Bill is short on transparency and accountability

February 13, 2009 1:44:05 am

Should the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill,2008 be passed in its current form without discussion?

The Right to Education Bill focusses on minor details,not overall quality

February 13, 2009 1:41:47 am

The Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Bill,2008 could potentially mark a watershed in the history of India.

Time to respond

February 13, 2009 1:32:34 am

n This refers to ‘Al-Qaeda warns India…’. Al-Qaeda’s designs on India are not surprising but what is startling is its willingness to fight alongside the Pakistani army. Silence from the Pakistani side means it endorses Al-Qaeda’s stand against India. What further evidence does the US require in declaring Pakistan a terrorist state? It is high […]

Offense Mongering Again

February 13, 2009 12:31:41 am

Pratap Bhanu Mehta
Our freedoms are under threat again. The editor of the Statesman was arrested for reproducing an article by Jonathan Hari,”Why Should I Respect These Oppressive Religions?”

Beckham and the art of survival

February 12, 2009 5:20:34 pm

Shreya Chakravertty
The multitudes of screaming fans jostling to make room for their camera phones so they could take a precious picture of the Englishman at the Los Angeles International Airport showed the star power was not going to disappear soon.

Old friends

February 12, 2009 12:49:46 am

Is this in any way surprising? Along with the Taliban,Al-Qaeda has always been aided by the ISI….


February 12, 2009 12:40:02 am

The editorial in the latest issue of Organiser,titled ‘Chawla is a blot on EC; let him resign on his own,’ says…

The ascent of men and their ideas

February 12, 2009 12:38:29 am

Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln share the same birthday; but little else

Blinkered vision

February 12, 2009 12:35:40 am

A Pakistan-centric military strategy has stunted our global aspirations

My Gujarat,and my India,are bigger than some people think

February 11, 2009 5:28:16 pm

Yoginder K Alagh | Charawak
Among characters in prehistory,which is part myth,the Charawaks are my favourite. They were outliers who always questioned and made fun of the rituals of dominant Brahmanical dictums.

Circling Mauritius

February 11, 2009 3:16:07 am

President Hu Jintao’s four-nation African tour beginning this week will conclude in Mauritius,a geopolitically sensitive Indian Ocean island state that has strong political….

CEC gone wild

February 11, 2009 3:12:23 am

In the light of the Chief Election Commissioner’s recommendation for the removal of Election Commissioner Navin Chawla…