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Sunday, July 03, 2022

Islamism has no place in India

There have been hundreds of jihadi killings in India, especially in Kashmir, but this beheading in Udaipur indicates that the fanaticism that defines radical Islam has gone up a few notches.

Inside Track: Shah's Strategy

Shah and Fadnavis have long patched up their differences, but Shah saw Shinde’s elevation and Fadnavis’s humiliation as part of a long-term strategy to bring the powerful Maratha caste into the BJP fold and weaken the Sena.

How RS polls came to be open ballot

Until 1998, Rajya Sabha elections were the bastion of party discipline, their outcome a foregone conclusion.

Corrupt okay as MPs, not Bhojpuri actors. It’s elitism

Manoj Tiwari writes: The Bhojpuri film industry, already moved by nationalism, was also impressed with Modiji. We were convinced that he should take the lead and become the PM.

Two divided democracies

America is divided as never before since at least the Civil War. One-half of the 50 states are expected to make or re-affirm laws that will practically outlaw abortion; the other half will allow abortions until the second trimester.

How to solve crimes better

May 28, 2022 8:43:17 am

Menaka Guruswamy writes: The key to an improved criminal justice system is quality forensic labs and well-trained staff, not more legislation and harsher punishments.

Express View | Geetanjali Shree’s story

May 28, 2022 8:56:12 am

It is emblematic that a novel that speaks of the fallacy of boundaries should win an award that honours a work in translation

jitendra kumar

The caste-less village of ‘Panchayat’ is a utopia that doesn’t exist

May 28, 2022 6:10:25 am

Whether by design or not, the absence of rural India’s most uncomfortable reality from the show is jarring and amounts to ‘caste-washing’

Collapse of NCB’s case against Aryan Khan points to a failed witch hunt. Those who were complicit in it must pay

May 28, 2022 8:53:32 am

The shabby episode does nothing for the reputation of central investigating agencies. It has been apparent for some time that the government is not above wielding these agencies to fix political rivals and others who cross its path.


How Karan Johar ‘queered’ the Bollywood love story

May 30, 2022 8:53:58 am

Pooja Pillai writes: At 50, while making an action film would be enough of a challenge to give Johar the creative shakeup he seems to feel he needs, a full-length queer romance would be an even bigger one.

The Indian consumer will have to spend more for a little longer

May 27, 2022 8:39:04 am

Dipti Deshpande writes: Pressure on prices of agricultural commodities will take time to soften. This should be after the Russia-Ukraine conflict de-escalates and the impact gradually fades away

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May 27, 1982, Forty Years Ago: Reddy’s Displeasure

May 27, 2022 4:01:15 am

The President is believed to have expressed his displeasure to the Prime Minister. He told Mrs Gandhi that the governor’s invitation to Bhajan Lal to form the government was not proper and constitutional.

Why we must ask who killed Meena Khalkho

May 27, 2022 8:50:43 am

Sharmila Purkayastha, Uma Chakravarti write: It is not ‘habitual’ female conduct that obstructs fair and impartial inquiry into sexual crimes, but ‘habitual’ misogyny

National Assessment Survey lays out post-Covid challenges. Teacher- and student-centred approaches are needed

May 27, 2022 8:24:28 am

Conducted in November 2021 among students of more than one lakh schools in 720 districts, the NAS shows a sharp dip in the performance of students in almost all subjects during the pandemic years.

Those watching the Boris Johnson Show must prepare for late-season twists in the tale

May 27, 2022 8:32:57 am

The revelations about the boozy parties at 10, Downing Street would have led to the instant fall of any leader of government — but not, apparently, Teflon Johnson.


Making sense of the GST bonanza

May 27, 2022 8:45:33 am

Ishan Bakshi writes: Revenue collections have been rising. The challenge for Centre and states is to ensure that this continues

An IAS officer gets athletes out of a stadium to walk his dog because he can. That must change

May 27, 2022 5:39:06 pm

In a country riddled with inequality, where the VIP enjoys privileges and exemptions, from the toll booth to the airport, the babu continues to be out of touch with the temper of the times.

Limits of AAP’s anti-corruption moves in Punjab

May 26, 2022 10:02:50 pm

CM Bhagwant Mann’s sacking of health minister will win kudos. But a systematic and sedate effort is required to root out corruption


The conviction of Yasin Malik

May 27, 2022 9:11:12 pm

Pratap Bhanu Mehta writes: As is often the case in Kashmir, one act of closure may open up new and even more ominous questions.

Karan Johar

The underappreciated honesty of Karan Johar

May 26, 2022 5:20:22 pm

KJo is 50. It’s easy to think his cinema is just cliche wrapped in consumerism that hasn’t evolved. But there’s skill and honesty in his work


Uvalde shooting | A parent writes: Not my children, not any children should pay the price of inaction by elected officials on gun control

May 27, 2022 9:47:11 am

Raj Mohabe writes: One would imagine that after each unspeakable tragedy, leaders and lawmakers in the US would move to enact common-sense gun laws. But there’s nothing but inaction.

Punjab CM does well to weed out a colleague under cloud but he needs to do more spadework — off camera

May 26, 2022 9:48:50 am

Punjab’s new chief minister must not merely congratulate himself on taking a bold step against one of his own, he must also ask how someone who is seen as tainted so soon after taking charge was given a crucial portfolio, any portfolio, in the first place.

Sugar low: Enabling supply response, not creating policy uncertainty, is the only durable solution to supply-side inflation

May 26, 2022 9:48:16 am

Unlike in wheat, where government estimates of the size of this year’s crop seem highly optimistic, there’s no debate over sugar output. And its prices have hardly risen; nor do they look like going up.

Opinion: City forests can secure Delhi’s future

May 26, 2022 9:51:36 am

Reena Gupta writes: Delhi’s administrative boundaries are limited and the space allocated for forests is also limited, yet every year
the government sets an ambitious target of increasing the green cover.

Release of an ‘unburnable’ edition of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ is a message to those who are afraid of ideas

May 26, 2022 9:49:12 am

There is a particular irony in the burning of books, the censorship of thought and the fear of slogans. Ideas, as the anarchist V remarked (in V for Vendetta), are bulletproof. Yet, they are not invincible.

Why it’s important to know background of those killed in 2019 Hyderabad police encounter

May 25, 2022 8:47:36 pm

The widespread public sanction for retributive police violence can increase the impunity of the errant law-keepers, often at the expense of the most vulnerable.


Opinion: India is a nation of meat-eaters — they are mostly men

May 26, 2022 10:00:13 am

M A Kalam writes: Besides smashing the ‘vegetarian India’ myth, NFHS data also reveals how entrenched patriarchy dictates who is allowed to eat what.


Opinion: Supreme Court’s ruling on GST deepens the churn in the tax regime

May 26, 2022 10:19:02 am

M Govinda Rao writes: Placing Centre and states on equal footing in the GST Council could expedite reforms through negotiation.

Gyanvapi mosque: Why Supreme Court’s transfer of case to district judge sends the wrong signal

May 26, 2022 9:50:57 am

Rekha Sharma writes: Supreme Court order inadvertently casts aspersions on competence of subordinate judiciary. District court should not be weighed down by SC observation

Opinion: What wins votes today is ‘trust capital’

May 26, 2022 10:04:10 am

Badri Narayan writes: Unlike charisma, which denotes the magical pull of a political leader, trust capital is acquired slowly by building connections and delivering on promises.