Battle at Bomdila: Winning this one is no feather in the cap for the Indian Army

Remembering TN Srinivasan, a bond forged in music

The next two years of Trump's presidency have now run into democratically created counter-power

TN Srinivasan’s work will continue to enrich the discipline of economics

The string of pearls

India must move fast to counteract Chinese naval plans

Without the Tigers

Sinhala and Tamil politicians must appreciate how the LTTE’s defeat changes everything

‘Still not an exuberant time for markets… lot of people advising caution… all not hunky-dory yet’

SEBI Chairman C B Bhave tells The Indian Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta on NDTV 24×7’s Walk the Talk that the recent rally notwithstanding,markets are still not out of the woods… and that investors must be careful while putting in their money

The Congress quartet’s political morality

The kid-glove treatment that much of the media reserves for the Nehru dynasty and its nominated Prime Minister is one of the many troubling lessons in what is wrong with our democracy.

A dangerously long election

At the best of times it is a bad idea to allow bureaucrats to run a country.


When Pandit Nehru was Congress leader,he won three elections in a row and thus he had two full terms where the same Party…

Election histrionics

Our political leaders would do well to heed the admonition of dear Father Bonet to the students of St. Xavier’s School,Bombay.

Thankless Munna bhai

The Congress high command is incensed and the Gandhi family deeply hurt over Sanjay Dutt spewing venom against the party on the campaign trail…

Shed no tears for Tigers

Even as the LTTE is crushed,it is important to understand how ruthless the Tigers were

Under Western Eyes

In a report in The Guardian on April 16,the day India had its first round of polling,Randeep Ramesh enlightened his reader…

Keep ‘em out

India’s refusal to induct China into the Indian Ocean Naval Symposium was prompt.

‘I have always condemned violence,whatever the justification’

I can never endorse violence; I have always condemned violence in any form,whatever the justification.

News TV’s turning points

What are elections without free speech? So,let’s celebrate the political analysis of the NDTV panelist…

Balochistan on the boil

The unrest in the strip straddling the Durand Line is relatively new compared to that in Balochistan.

Does India need its own Bayh-Dole?

The perils of all scientific research being geared for profits

Can we keep sex and emotions apart?

The squeamishness about sex education doesn’t square with our outrè pop culture

No state is an island

The ongoing brutality in Sri Lanka is the world’s business

Lalu’s inevitable end?

Lalu Prasad belongs to the contemporary band of politicians whose sole aim is the acquisition of power (‘The rift deepens’,IE,April 23)….

Fight on land,win on sea

How Somalian instability is fuelling pirate attacks

Don’t think of the Elephant

There’s an air of panic about Mayawati. Is that all about caste?