Dietary diversity can make food system nutrition-sensitive, climate-resilient

The digital planet’s high points — US, Europe, India — are losing ground to China

The joys of travel are revealed in its artefacts, people and the traveller’s faux pas

MJ Akbar’s resignation is a seminal moment in India’s Herstory

Better late than never

Pakistan finally launched an attack against the Taliban,and as gunships hovered over Lower Dir…

The NREGA trap

The expanding state has imprisoned rural voters in identity politics

The mythical ‘science’ of predicting elections

If you go by the record of our pollsters in the last five years,you will find they got it wrong as often as they got it right.

The Chawla factor

Now that Navin Chawla and V.S. Sampat have assumed charge as India’s chief election commissioner and election commissioner….

Anatomy of a prejudice

How the English-speaking middle class can stop worrying and learn to love Mayawati

Of reform and resistance

Nehru nearly staked his government,and Ambedkar resigned over the Hindu Code Bill


The ruder the campaign,the more difficult post-poll allying

Institution wrecker

Reading the editorial ‘Wages of arrogance’ and Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s ‘Battering ram’ (IE,April 29),one must observe that while Nehru….

Case for the prosecution

Hold government accountable: create more independent prosecutors

The politics of resignation

Mayawati’s moment is passing. So give UP’s voters a real alternative

Pakistan Army’s fine art of brinkmanship

All the gloom and doom in Western media about Pak has begun to translate into faster cash-flow from Washington to Islamabad and with far fewer conditions.

‘It’s the Rajya Sabha committee that needs sex education’

I have gone through the committee’s recommendations and I find them very strange,especially statements like “basic human instincts like food,fear,greed,coitus etc ….

Black money

The editorial in the latest issue of the Organiser,titled “Congress haunted by Swiss bank money” writes:…

What we actually said

The lead author of the controversial study on ‘black money’ in India by Global Financial Integrity responds to criticisms of his work

Misinterpretation of poverty numbers

The National Commission for Enterprises in the Unorganized Sector didn’t start it,but it was responsible for a factoid being quoted widely. “At the end of 2004-05,about 836 million or 77 per cent of the population was living below Rs 20 per day.”

This out-of-the-box election

How can the Congress and the Left reasonably reconcile their differences?

Asia’s naval race

After Beijing showed off its maritime muscle last week,the stage is now set for a competitive modernisation of naval power in Asia.

BJP on the backtrack

The lead editorial in the latest issue of CPM mouthpiece People’s Democracy concentrates its energy on attacking the BJP…

Battering ram

Congress’s propensity for institution-wrecking might cost it this election

No more vacillation

Anil Kakodkar has again raised the prospect of a fast-expanding nuclear power generating industry in a public-private mould.