One of the problems of Sri Lanka is that while it has high Human Development score, it is divided

The title of Khan’s book is The Big Mistakes of My Life

Anti-Indian music?

The vision for vocational training is on its last legs

How to lose the high ground

Mayawati over-reached by criminalising Joshi’s disgusting speech….

Classicist till the end

Gangubai Hanagal took Hindustani music to new places while remaining a keen critic

View from the LEFT

The lead editorial in the latest issue of CPM mouthpiece ‘People’s Democracy’ focussed on the recently held G-8 summit and argues that all the apprehensions that the Left have been voicing regarding…


As the American military surge in Afghanistan puts the Taliban on the defensive,Washington has explained the linkage between the short term and the long in the Obama administration’s Af-Pak strategy.

Watch your words

Deducing anything about India from the publicity arranged for a reality show called “Sach ka Saamna” is probably a bad idea.

The problem with power

Some encouraging signs have been visible recently of the power ministry taking steps towards creating a market for the besieged power sector.

Slow doesn’t win

Shekhar Gupta’s ‘Babuji dheere chalna’ has rightly captured the Indian “slowness” syndrome. However,the roots of this malady…

Resisting the arrogance of intellect

Our generation,mercifully,has little sense of what it means to philosophise as if the very existence of civilisation depended on it.

Rebuilding from ruins

President Obama was right to give his recent address in Ghana,highlighting an African success story rather than casting his speech against…

Reality on steroids

Boy,are there differences in perception between India and the US. Sunday morning,we saw Hillary Clinton on Indian news channels wreathed…

Wikipedia’s image problem

Some may wonder: Could there be a bad picture of Halle Berry or George Clooney? Just visit Wikipedia. There you’ll find a fuzzy shot of Berry from the mid-1980s…

Hillary ben: Amey Global Che

Yes we are global ma’am,well almost. Maybe not fully the way they told you so,but we are.

Rude Food

It used to be pesky salesmen on the phone but now they are pestering you at lunch.

More than an inch

The de-linking of terror from bilateral talks with Pakistan is shocking. One wonders if the UPA has just made a Himalayan political…

Before the chance fades

In doing the capital’s political circuit today,Hillary Clinton enjoys a big advantage that none of her predecessors at the US state department have had.

Target 2045

For several decades now,population and family planning programmes have attempted to bring about harmony between population growth and sustainable development.

Anyone for ideal cities?

My column last week (‘An ideal village,an inspiring leader’) about how one idealistic and determined grassroots leader….

What’s the point in talking to Pakistan?

India will not talk to Pakistan as long as its government continues to nurture and shield those who attack India….

The daam aadmi

Karl Marx called it commodity fetishism—treating people as if they are commodities to be bought and sold….

Joint statement,different interpretations

Pakistan hails the joint statement as its victory because resumption of dialogue is not specifically linked to terrorism and Mumbai 26/11 attacks….