Bhagwat is keen to establish that RSS should not be penalised by non-BJP government

Narendra Modi's life in four parts of 17 years each, and the prospects of BJP/NDA in 2019

Can the RSS change?

The second coming: World is worried about another economic crisis. Can centre hold this time?

1873 affairs

There are a few historians in North Block. So it is doubtful that financial sector policy-makers will be familiar with a murder case that rocked Kolkata in 1873.

Political arms

No doubt West Bengal has very often been witness to such violent scenes,be it in Nandigram,Khejuri or Singur….

The road forward

Looking for speed-bumps in the 100-day plan

Catch the mice

There is no alternative to dialogue with Pakistan. India must focus on the larger objective

A positive Hindu-Vatican dialogue

Stupendous two days. I’ll never forget these two days lived in love and trust and engaged in Hindu-Christian dialogue.” This is how Jean-Louis Pierre Tauran….

Why doesn’t the US hold a dialogue with Osama?

Am I the only one shocked by an American official daring to suggest ‘dialogue’ with Pakistan in the wake of the release of Hafiz Mohammad Saeed….

Life beyond a hundred days

The newfound enthusiasm for the American fashion of a hundred-day programme shows an urgency by Manmohan 2.0….

Outsider with insider info

L K Advani’s aide Sudheendra Kulkarni’s article hitting out at the RSS and suggesting the BJP tone down its Hindutva stance….

The Party of Little Men

The form in which the BJP is coming to terms with its defeat explains why it deserved to lose. Many of the explanations have rightly focused on a number of factors.

That dangerous feeling

It is fascinating how all the conversation around the new government’s agenda,even the 100-day plans being drawn up…

Running out of time

As delegates from 182 countries meet in Bonn to discuss climate change,grassroots efforts are backing them up. Roz Savage….

Well spoken,now act

Barack Obama’s speech at Cairo University could mark a paradigm shift in US foreign policy. Obama made it clear that he would continue…..

Fixing women in their place?

From the point of view of a woman in public life,last week’s opening of the fifteenth Lok Sabha was uplifting.

Outside Delhi,without English

A multilingual democracy such as ours is a wonderful thing,of course. But it can be a bit restrictive at times.

The old ways of terror

A little-known terror outfit has claimed responsibility for ramming an explosive-laden truck into the hotel blast…

When the rupee crumbled

Stealth and secrecy surrounded Indira Gandhi’s decision to devalue the currency

Estranged from their own land

The exodus of internally displaced persons in Pakistan is one of the largest the world has seen

What the burning train means

Unless our administration becomes more participatory,violence may be the only resort of the voiceless

Options to consider

To provide for additional seats in Parliament and state assemblies,and for double-member constituencies….

The untamed Tiger

Peace in Sri Lanka couldn’t happen while Prabhakaran lived