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Tuesday, July 17, 2018
Raja Mandala: Trump’s criticism of the West signals breakdown of consensus on economic globalisation

The companies that have got us hooked must be on the hook for better solutions

By undermining Parliament, government is curtailing the role of the Opposition

Rising cases of leprosy among Adivasis call for urgent public action

Calling Prachanda’s bluff

Nepal is wising up to the Maoists’ game plan

Living on borrowed time

The Federal Reserve must encourage negative interest rates

Changes under the radar

Why national parties might just do better than expected

Bringing India’s money back to Indian shores

On the tax havens issue,the Congress is caught in its own web

On Freedom and License

The courts have in recent months interestingly drawn that thin line between freedom and license. They have supported an artist who was being vandalised.

Writing at twilight

In the winter of their lives,some novelists are at the peak of their form

The republic of television

IPL or election,TV treats everybody the same

Analyse this

‘The glorious certainties’ (IE,April 18) spells out the realities behind the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. Regional,communal….

Separate and equal

What lies behind official evasions over India’s satellite launch

South by northwest?

We are yet to come to terms with how destabilising the Taliban’s presence is

Waking up to modern training

Last week,the conversation with former Davis Cupper Jaidip at the DLTA Complex occasionally veered off.

Are serial-winners sore losers?

Roger Federer,the one with elegant moves and the unflappable demeanour,was breaking down in tears.

Force first

The Naxalite attacks across the “red corridor” on the first day of the Lok Sabha elections is an assault on Indian democracy…..

Energising the beat

Police incentives aren’t right. Fixing them helps fix policing

Retail therapy

Indian multinationals are now integrating India with global financial markets

The Prime Minister’s ersatz bravado

For a conscientious politician,honour is a greater adornment than power. He values honour more than the office he holds…..

Vote for governance

This week I meant to bring you tales of horror from India that is Bharat. Tales that urban hacks like me garner only when there is a general election…..


One more IPL. The WWF of cricket,except that it’s not fixed (hopefully). The equivalent of a soccer game reduced to five penalty kicks for each side….

His own script

Manmohan Singh addressed four press meets within a week,after the Congress election strategists decided that the prime ministerial candidate had to be more visible….

Politicians the problem,people the solution

The bell has sounded and the voters are voting. Now at last we can breathe a sigh of relief and think about wider issues. It is quite clear that politics….