Psycho analysis: How Hitchcock's 1960 signature runs on two 2018 releases

NHPM will ensure medical emergencies do not result in people falling into poverty

On the football field and on Kashmir, there’s a lot of testosterone around

Cauvery Authority’s challenge lies in forging federal consensus on Centre’s role in inter-state rivers

Reading Nasrallah in Beirut

Much has been made of Lebanon’s elections and their supposedly “pro-Western” result.

Turning over the keys to citizens

The UPA has promised a more transparent government,which makes open source software vital

BRICs and G-2

All the soaring rhetoric from Yekaterinburg on the solidarity of the second tier powers against Anglo-Saxon hegemony can’t hide one simple reality….

Sweet-talking the nation

Arun Shourie talks back to the UPA agenda outlined in the president’s address. Excerpts:

You are what Google thinks you are

One woman’s Internet search — for herself

Seeing Red

With CPM workers and offices coming under attack in West Bengal,the lead editorial in the latest issue of party mouthpiece People’s Democracy….

To be prepared

Shekhar Gupta has justifiably raked up some pertinent questions about our preparedness to deal….

Change the PDS,don’t save it

How food security laws could hurt the poorest

Text from the Tehran street

Thirty years after the Revolution,it is time to let the genie out of the bottle in Iran

US pressure on Indian Cabinet formation?

There is a rather odd interview Anand Sharma has given to Reuters.

Healthcare’s grand reformation

The government must focus on healthcare as a priority industry — and get out of the way

The cave art of our times

At least TV commercials have recovered some of their zany spirit

The splintering in Kathmandu

PM Madhav Nepal fails to inspire trust,and it’s the army which is being viewed as a stabilising force


Despite facing terrorist violence for decades,we are yet to evolve a clear policy and strong political will to deal with the menace….

Say it out (fairly) loud

The travails of organising pride week in India

Century of forgetting

The diminution of the humanities and liberal arts in India is astonishing

New beginnings?

Of course,I would have liked the election results to have been the other way round. But,of the remaining alternatives,what the electorate has handed down is the best one.

1873 affairs

There are a few historians in North Block. So it is doubtful that financial sector policy-makers will be familiar with a murder case that rocked Kolkata in 1873.

Political arms

No doubt West Bengal has very often been witness to such violent scenes,be it in Nandigram,Khejuri or Singur….

The road forward

Looking for speed-bumps in the 100-day plan