For opposition unity to grow into something more, quantity must gather political quality

Politics in Bengal is about total domination by Party, irrespective of party in power

For POCSO Act to effectively protect children, it should go beyond death penalty

Raja Mandala: Falling behind on Digital Silk Road

Whatever was expected from the ruling party happened, inevitably. Illustration: C R Sasikumar.
Gained In Translation: An anthology of violence

A couple, Debu Das and Usharani Das, were burnt alive inside their house. Their crime? They were CPM workers. Their bodies were given to their only son after five days, that too after the son approached the courts.

TDP MP CM Ramesh threatens PM Modi with hunger strike
Modi’s two biggest mistakes and how he fell into a Congress trap

If only when Rahul Gandhi taunted Modi for running a ‘suit-boot ki sarkar’, he had said that his dream was to ensure that even the poorest Indian some day had enough money to buy suits and boots.

Restore the Constitution
Out Of My Mind: Restore The Constitution

The secular nature of the Indian polity is written into the Constitution. But the idea that India is socialist is a mockery of the idea of socialism.

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Across The Aisle: Who is minding the store?

Public anger is building against high prices of petrol and diesel. Between 2014 and 2018, due to low prices of crude oil, government saved Rs 15 per litre in the cost of production of petrol and also increased the excise duty by Rs 10 per litre. Same with diesel. With a relentless rise in retail prices, government has no choice but to cut the excise duties which it is loath to do. The one-trick pony has no other trick up its saddle.

Nipah virus
From the ground: How Kerala’s well-oiled health machinery helped cap Nipah spread

The story of the brave nurse Lini PN, who got infected from Sabith and passed away days later leaving two young children, also shines through at a time of immense grief.

Despite the rainfall in Bihar, coastal Andhra and Tamil Nadu, the heatwave continued unabated in the rest of the country, taking 148 lives.
May 26, 1978, Forty Years Ago

The Janata trinity — Morarji Desai, Charan Singh and Jagjivan Ram — “are making up their differences”, Steel and Mines Minister Biju Patnaik said.

Cricket’s radical

The game will miss AB de Villers, the spellbinding magic only he could weave on the field.

The polarising election campaign has divided the state and the first step of the government must be to allow space for the bruises in the social fabric to heal.
After the vote

New government in Karnataka must address skewed development while ensuring social faultlines are not stoked.

The gentle archbishop of Delhi Anil Couto has recently been in the eye of a storm provoked by his letter to all parish priests in the Capital exhorting them to start a prayer campaign for the country and political leaders ahead of the 2019 elections.
Archbishop’s Message

The real issue is not whether or not he is entitled to make a political statement.

Recent tensions in Paldi, an affluent locality of Hindus and Jains with some Muslim-dominated parts in Ahmedabad, shed fresh light on the faultlines of urban Gujarat. (Representational)
The segregated city

Ghettoisation and Disturbed Areas Act are dividing urban spaces in Gujarat, pushing Muslims to the edge.

Decoding the political arithmetic of Opposition unity in run-up to 2019 general elections
Perhaps the Twain Shall Meet

Opposition alliance, or the lack of it, is potent fuel for television, and why attempts to end the Cold War have gone cold

For both of us, the same enemy

The villain in Meghna Gulzar’s ‘Raazi’ isn’t a heartless Indian spymaster or the jingoistic Pakistan army. It is an idea that diminishes us all — the nation-state.

The polarising election campaign has divided the state and the first step of the government must be to allow space for the bruises in the social fabric to heal.
Trumping hope

US president calls off talks with North Korea abruptly, reminds the world of his own unpredictability in uncertain times.

Separatists plan protests against PM Narendra Modi’s J&K visit
Revisiting past, facing future

PM Modi’s visit to Indonesia can re-energise an ancient partnership.

Malala Yousafzai, Malala returns to Pakistan, Taliban attack on Malala, Malala in Pakistan, Pakistan News, Indian Express
Reluctantly, Malala

Many in Pakistan reject her. Her own country remains impervious to her message.

Congress, JD(S) to fight 2019 Lok Sabha elections as pre-poll alliance, announce Karnataka cabinet portfolio
The Urdu Press: Karnataka drama

The desire of Narendra Modi’s supporters that after assuming power in Karnataka the door to BJP’s entrenchment in South India would be opened was buried.

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Polarising vegetable

Kolkata airport customs officials have discovered a new reason to love parval — there’s money in it.

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Mayawati reaches out

By sharing the stage with other leaders in Karnataka, she signals an important rethink within the BSP.

Bound together by poetry
Bound together by poetry

Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina is an admirer of both Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam. Her visit to Santiniketan, Asansol bears testimony

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Reading the letter

The church has a right to speak. Political players can join the argument, or contest it, if they wish to.