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A polity for our times

Coalitions allow a diversity of voices to be heard, keep fundamentalism at bay.

Beginning of the end

If the exit polls are right, then Election 2019 marks a structural change in Indian politics — the end of Congress’s dynastic rule.

Forty Years Ago: May 21, 1979

Speaking at the chief ministers’ conference in Delhi, Prime Minister Morarji Desai bowed to the states’ plea for a review of the existing rates of additional excise duties levied on textiles, tobacco and sugar in lieu of the sales tax as well as for a review of the grant-in-aid in lieu of the railway passenger tax.

The tenth life

Grumpy Cat, who brought the world joy in a troubled decade, has gone to the hereafter. Her frown will be sorely missed

Ripples of a crisis

The RBI needs to urgently address the liquidity issues plaguing the NBFC sector

Dutee’s sprint

She shows how breezily revolutions can become real, how easy it is to speak of ‘the love that cannot be named’

Bag a bargain

India can benefit from the US-China tariff war if it plays its cards well

Politics from the pulpit

Prime Minister Modi crafts messages for the public where he is the preacher, the giver

The case for informal regional diplomacy

Routine meetings between leaders of the Subcontinent will liberate the region from the formalism of summits.

Present generation is lucky to see this Indian team with three good pacers

The present generation is lucky to see this Indian team with three good pacers, but no one in India should forget the contribution of Kapil, Srinath and Zaheer.

Examining prisoners’ rights at election time

It becomes critical that questions relating to prisoners’ rights and custodial conditions in shelter homes become a matter of public debate at the time of elections so that political parties and their leaders are forced to take a position on such matters.

If you look visibly like a Muslim, is that reason enough for you to be marginalised?

The fact is that the young Muslim woman of today has chosen to go ahead and own the hijab. She has personalised it and decided to carve her path following her own rules.