Forty Years Ago: August 17 1979

Janata leader Nanaji Deshmukh has told the prime minister that by raising certain questions and highlighting the inconsistencies in his (Charan Singh’s) views about Morarji Desai, H N Bahuguna, Indira Gandhi and on other matters, he was only doing “national duty”.

The enlightened one

A Buddhist temple in Japan has an android for a priest. But in India, even such an advanced AI may not be able to adapt.

Slow and slower

Instead of short-term palliatives, government should keep the focus on fixing structural issues plaguing the economy.

Force of reform

Test of PM’s announcement of Chief of Defence Staff will lie in delineation of office’s powers. It needs a purposeful mandate.

The PM’s message

It was most powerful for invitation to the people to own their change, will resonate when curbs are lifted in the Valley.

Injustice system

Acquittals in the Pehlu Khan lynching case point to subversion of due process. Gehlot government must urgently make amends.

Goddess of small things

Vidya Sinha will be remembered for being part of a cinema that eschewed formula, struck a chord with the people

Forty Years Ago: August 16, 1979

Security forces chanced upon a hide-out of the banned Mizo National Front rebels in north western Mizoram near the Cachar boundary and captured a large number of rebels with arms and ammunition following an encounter.

The human factor

Driver-less cars have hit a speed-bump. Turns out people don’t follow the rules.

Over to the teacher

Success of Odisha’s move to double teaching time for certain subjects will depend on autonomy to the educator.

Growth pangs

Its expansion through induction of leaders from other parties could trigger important political challenges for the BJP.

In China’s court

How it addresses protesters’ escalating demands for autonomy and democracy in Hong Kong will be a critical test.