Forty years ago, October 22, 1979: Bahuguna vs PM

October 22, 1979: The CPD leader said he would decide his future course after his party’s convention

Scapegoat Hajela

Trouble with NRC lies in its flawed vision. Now, Supreme Court must guard against its capture by political interests

No yes and no

As Brexit drama drags on, its central contradiction remains — between a referendum and Westminster system

Fog of secrecy

As governments turn increasingly opaque, the value of whistleblowers rises, and the need to protect them

The screws tighten

Islamabad evades FATF blacklist, but Delhi’s campaign has put the spotlight on Pakistan’s support for cross-border terrorism.

PM-CM push

The BJP campaign in Maharashtra and Haryana was an endorsement of the leadership of its chief ministers.

October 20, 1979, Forty Years Ago: Bahuguna Resigns

Charan Singh’s letter demanding the resignation of the finance minister reached his residence at 4.35 pm and Bahuguna wrote his resignation by hand before sending it to the PM within 10 minutes.

I, me, myself

Trump elects to host a G7 summit at his own golf club, at state expense. For him, it’s par for the course

October 19, 1979, Forty Years Ago

The circular, issued under instructions from the PM, says that any unauthorised briefing of newsmen would be treated as a serious violation of the service conduct rules and would invite stringent disciplinary action.

Journey into future

Civilian flights out of Jaffna are symbolic of the distance Sri Lanka has travelled from war to peace

Shut out the noise

Public spats on slowdown could dampen investor sentiment, government should focus on reforms to revive the economy

October 18, 1979, Forty Years Ago

Mother Teresa’ Nobel Mother Teresa, Calcutta’s “Saint of the Gutters,” was awarded the 1979 Nobel peace prize for her work among the poor of India. The Yugoslavia-born Roman Catholic nun is the sixth woman to win the prize. The Norwegian Nobel committee said Mother Teresa was given the prize “in recognition of her work in […]