December 12, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Congress Reunion

Front Page of The Indian Express on December 12, 1978

Momentum and a reality check

This is Rahul Gandhi’s victory to savour but his task may have just begun. The BJP must accept the futility of a politics that plays upon the word ‘mukt’


I am tired of the aspersions on my integrity. Blame the people if you don’t like the result

White man’s burden

A BBC report quantifies the shocking extent to which a system of inequality is entrenched on campus in the UK

Reading the verdict

Assembly poll outcomes will be seen as forerunners of the bigger political battle ahead. That isn’t surprising

Exit lines

Urjit Patel’s resignation sets the bar for his successor, raises disquieting questions about autonomy of institutions

Naam vs kaam

PM’s focus on dynastic politics could trigger a welcome conversation on the way parties choose leaders and candidates

Welcome truce

US-China ceasefire signals recognition that trade wars benefit nobody

The Abdication

To say that ‘cow killers’ are state’s top priority when the murder accused walk free is giving power to the mob

A cure for air

New study quantifies health impact of pollution. It must spur collaboration between environment and health authorities


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