How offensive does Governor Tathagata Roy need to be to incur the displeasure of the President? The wait continues.

Interim solution

A framework agreement on capital, surplus transfers from RBI to government will smoothen ties between the two.

Welcome, Robocop

Kerala police has inducted an android into its ranks. Perhaps machines have lessons for more traditional law enforcement.

After the kiss

The sailor in Eisenstaedt’s iconic post-WWII photo has passed on. The demons his generation exorcised threaten to return

Truth about terror

Pak PM must know he has no plausible deniability on terror. Saudi Crown Prince cannot turn a blind eye to the problem

BJP and friends

Party bends to regional partners’ demands in Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu, underlines importance of alliances ahead of polls

Forty Years Ago, February 20, 1979: Chinese Halted

The Indian Express' front page on February 20, 1979

Who rules?

Kiran Bedi’s face-off with Chief Minister Narayanasamy in Puducherry raises questions about role of Lt Governor in Union Territories

Easy does it

Low inflation stokes expectations of further monetary easing. But macroeconomic stability concerns remain

Space for humour

Nasa seeks jokers in the pack to keep cooped-up crews in good humour. It has been imagined before

Forty years ago, February 19, 1979: China-Vietnam rift

February 19, 1979: The column, originally consisting of 18 Chinese tanks, began crossing a floating bridge near Muong Khuong village in north-western Vietnam, but Vietnamese forces managed to blow up the bridge destroying eight of the tanks, the Vietnamese claim.