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Wednesday, August 05, 2020
virtual Parliament session, Parliament session, Parliament monsoon session, Parliament opening debate, Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury writes,

Parliament represents will of the people, ways must be found for it to convene and debate in times of Covid-19

July 2, 2020 3:35:08 pm

Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury writes: The people are eagerly awaiting the resumption of Parliament, especially at a time the country is reeling from a monstrous pandemic and concerned about the Chinese aggression.

Ayurveda, ayurveda India, ayurveda medicine, ayurveda study, covid fight, ayurveda pandemic, ayurveda coronavirus, ayurveda healthcare, baba ramdev, Express opinion

When one manufacturer pushes an untested product in an unethical manner, why does it vilify Ayurveda as a whole?

July 2, 2020 9:05:27 am

With this enormous effort available, and given that the spirit of inquiry guides science, it could well have been expected that communication between science, these worlds of Ayurveda and the public would be fostered. This would have been a great contribution to medical knowledge, for humanity as a whole.

Fair and lovely, fair complexion, racism, Hindustan uniliver, George Floyd, Black Lives Matter, Express opinion, Indian Express

Not fair, but how lovely: Exploitative ideas of skin colour don’t have to define you forever

July 2, 2020 9:22:28 am

HUL and other brands are not the only ones guilty of colourist bias — from cinema to news television and advertising, there has been little challenge to the upper-caste, North Indian ideal of beauty and desirability. But, given the generations of dark women and men who have been made to feel unworthy because of the colour of their skin, it is not a burden they can shrug off.

United Nations, Antonio Guterres, Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19, Syed Akbaruddin writes, Express opinion,

Pandemic accentuates challenges to global order. New framework is needed, India must be rule-shaper

July 2, 2020 8:56:10 am

Syed Akbaruddin writes: Even while Guterres’ apocalyptic horsemen have been prancing around, the UN system has been missing in action, except at the fringes. Barring the descent of a guardian angel, the current multilateral order that Guterres presides over is in deep trouble.

du, du online exam, delhi university exams, duta exams, university of delhi, education news

An uncritical system

July 1, 2020 8:24:35 pm

Mandating final-year university exams is reflective of the shortcomings of India’s higher education system.

Richard Grove raised questions about empire and ecology that are relevant today

July 1, 2020 9:24:01 am

Grove blazed the trail for a new kind of history of ideas that spanned continents. Most crucially, he placed India, Africa and the Caribbean at the centre of global environmental change.

Over-reliance on forex reserves is problematic, not using them a lost opportunity

July 1, 2020 2:13:08 pm

If the government intends to use forex reserves as an emergency fund, it should ensure that they do not shrink just when they are most needed.

As GST enters fourth year, biggest challenge would be to devise ways to compensate the states

July 1, 2020 9:22:46 am

As GST enters its fourth year, Covid has hit collections. It is time to take measures to prevent the states from slipping into a serious financial crisis. These measures will not only define the future of GST but also the course of the unique cooperative federalism that it has ushered in the country.

As OTT gains prominence, we need to ask if due diligence is followed by content creators specific to the Indian context

July 1, 2020 9:24:10 am

Since most people across age groups are confined to their homes, there is also an increase in collective viewing. This new reality, in some ways, has led to a greater scrutinisation of content by the viewers.

Implementation of DK Basu judgments can protect against custodial torture, death

July 1, 2020 9:45:13 am

Where we fail — as in many other things in this country — is in operationalising the spirit of DK Basu, in punitive measures, in last mile implementation, in breaking intra-departmental solidarity with errant policemen and in ensuring swift, efficacious departmental coercive action plus criminal prosecution.

Shunned by Congress, resurrected as a regional icon, PV Narasimha Rao belongs to India, not just Telangana

June 30, 2020 9:17:44 am

That P V Narsimha Rao is not celebrated more at the national level has several causes, including Rao’s own reticence. But the chief culprit is his own party, unwilling to highlight any prime minister who does not come from one single family.

Statue toppling spree: It’s pointless to fight the past. It’s today’s evils which need to be battled

June 30, 2020 9:19:34 am

Topple the Racists is a good slogan but it ignores the first lesson of history, that of presentism — interpreting past events in terms of modern values and concepts.

Infrastructure bonds floated by a development finance institution could aid a quicker recovery

June 30, 2020 9:21:30 am

At a time when liquidity is ample and the cost is low, borrowing shouldn’t be so scary. The exogenous component could step-in in a greater way, perhaps because, it is the only one that can.

Indian resistance to China’s expansionism would be a definitive moment in Asia’s geopolitical evolution

June 30, 2020 9:20:31 am

If Delhi comes out of this crisis wounded, its troubles at home and the world will mount significantly. But an India that comes out of this confrontation with its head held high, will find its international political stock rising and its options on China expanding.

Post-COVID, religion must be God-centred and priest-free

June 30, 2020 9:18:33 am

Worship must be to spiritual life what breathing is to physical life. Just as there are no middlemen in our breathing — except the deadly middleman of pollution — in the spiritual breathing of worship too, there must be no middlemen.

online fitness, workouts online, fitness, Zoom fitness workouts, leher kala column, indian express, indian express news

The Zoom workout: Online fitness works better for seasoned exercisers

June 29, 2020 1:33:40 pm

Even the most optimistic amongst us have reached the conclusion that even if Covid-19 was to vanish overnight, going to the gym is not an option till things settle down.

engineering colleges, jee advanced, jee advanced 2020, jee advanced exam date, jee advanced 2020, jee advanced exam 2020, jee advanced postponed, education news, Indian express

Why it is a good idea to postpone the JEE Advanced exam by two years

June 29, 2020 9:27:06 am

Work by Akash Manoj in inventing a method to detect silent heart attacks shows that school students can do excellent research if they don’t have to spend all their time in preparing for an entrance examination.

india china border news, galwan faceoff, india china border tension, india china relations, pangong tso, ladakh tension

China’s past border tactics, especially in Central Asia, offer India a clue

June 29, 2020 9:22:15 am

If India falls for some kind of Chinese position over Aksai Chin, Beijing will then shift the focus to Arunachal to emphatically claim 90,000 sq km from India. Ceding Aksai Chin would fundamentally alter the status of J&K and Ladakh.

axone, axone movie, axone racism, Northeast India, Racism Northeast, Northeast people Racism, racism in delhi, George Floyd, George Floyd death, Racism in films, Indian express

Axone was not for ‘us’, migrants from the Northeast

June 29, 2020 11:04:53 am

A pioneering attempt to frame the lives of migrants from the Northeast in the nation’s capital trips on its own inability to grasp either the politics of food or everyday racism.

Mona Lisa, Leonardo da Vinci, COVID-19, art restoration, Louvre Museum, Art preseration, covid-19 impact, Indian Express

The art world as we know it is facing an existential crisis

June 29, 2020 9:08:33 am

With the gradual lifting of restrictions, the sector might be attempting to bounce back but its ability to do so depends on several unknowns, including market liquidity, the very enthusiasm and ability of its patrons, and the world at the end of the pandemic.

John Bolton book, john bolton book india, Donald Trump, Bolton Donald Trump, US NSA, Bolton book, John Bolton, Indian Express

Former NSA Bolton’s book raises questions about US commitment to India’s national security

June 29, 2020 9:04:38 am

India’s priorities and national security concerns have not changed in these past two decades. The elements that shaped the US-India relationship in the first decade of this century remain the defining ones even today.

Assam coronavirus cases, coronavirus cases Assam, Assam COVID situation, Assam lockdown, Assam coronavirus lockdown, Express Opinion, Indian Express

How Assam is holding out against Covid-19

June 28, 2020 8:23:11 pm

Early tracing of infection, extensive testing and strict quarantine backed by social security measures and community involvement have helped the state battle the pandemic

WHO advance team ends visit to China to probe Covid-19 origin

How Wuhan controlled Covid-19

June 28, 2020 10:11:52 pm

Voluntary workers were the unsung heroes in the fight against the contagion

Covid has exposed appalling weaknesses in our societies but soon other problems will take priority

Covid has exposed appalling weaknesses in our societies but soon other problems will take priority

June 28, 2020 11:56:00 am

In every country, the hospital facilities proved inadequate. The poor of all ages and races suffered. They will stay that way… Relax.

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Can you see me as I am, an Indian Chinese?

June 29, 2020 12:54:23 pm

India-China Face-off: A close friend suggested I wear ethnic clothes and a bindi to “prove” my nationality. Am I not just one of the 1.35 billion Indians out there? Why must minorities change culture to be seen as citizens?