Let the elite pay

To reform education system, provide a level playing field, regardless of caste, sex, or income. Stop subsidising higher education for the rich.

A spectre not yet laid to rest

Events of 1984 still scar the Punjab mindscape. A People’s Commission and a Peace Memorial are needed.

Diplomat who made friends

Ambassador Marker helmed Pakistan’s embassies at a tough time in its history.

Redraw the Red Line

It’s time for signatories of Chemical Weapons Convention to re-affirm their commitment.

Coalitions imply transactional mechanisms which have been the essence of the Indian polity and which have been good for federalism and democracy because they limit concentration of power.
Coalition Country

Will India remain a civilisational-state, post 2019, or continue its march to a unitary, ethno-religious entity?

Spiritual guru Bhaiyuji Maharaj cremated in Indore
Godman’s Burden

Bhayyuji Maharaj’s suicide highlight pressures that overtake the spiritually inclined

Arun Jaitley bids Arvind Subramanian goodbye: Read his full letter here
Tighter is better

Loose fiscal and monetary policies pushed India to brink of crisis in 2013. Wiser policy could avert it in 2018.

Economic Graffiti: A Hinduism more tolerant

At the Ramakrishna Mission complex in Kolkata, a different face of the religion is visible from what is propagated by Hindutva

A history of undemocracy

The fall of the Mehbooba Mufti government is only the latest instance. New Delhi’s policy towards Jammu and Kashmir has been to prefer rule by bureaucracy and fiat rather than by elected state governments

J-K CM Mehbooba Mufti sends resignation to Governor after BJP snaps ties with PDP
The Urdu Press: J&K Upheaval

Rashtriya Sahara’s editorial, on the same day, notes: “By stating that a muscular policy cannot work, Mehbooba Mufti has perhaps indicated that the BJP wanted to establish peace in the Valley by using force, something that is practically impossible.”

Telescope: To 2019, with machismo

On the football field and on Kashmir, there’s a lot of testosterone around

The state is taking healthcare

National Health Protection Mission will ensure that medical emergencies do not result in people falling into poverty

A betrayal in the Valley

Every time Governor’s Rule has been imposed in J&K, situation has worsened, alienation has grown

Psycho Analysis

With his 1960 classic, Hitchcock invented a genre. Two revived films relate to it in 2018.

River, state and Centre

Cauvery Authority’s challenge lies in forging federal consensus on Centre’s role in inter-state rivers. This could guide the making of a policy on river water sharing.

Muslim women gender justice
With Saviours Like These

Those ‘rescuing’ Muslim women are also the ones undermining their agency.

GST, a buoyant force

Aggregate revenues have done well, despite headwinds, especially for less developed, consuming states

Growth in the machine

If done right, artificial intelligence can jump-start India’s productivity, help the country get out of the emerging economy trap, propel it into the ranks of nations that matter.

Look who’s starting up

The global start-up landscape is still dominated by the West. But a visible shift is underway.

Arithmetic to chemistry

For the patchy beginnings of opposition unity to grow into something more, quantity must gather political quality.