Upside Of Scaling Down

India must offer unique services, not just depend on low-cost production

Fields of ferment

Why assembly election verdicts should occasion a rethink on loan waivers, MSP raises

Jagdish Thakkar (1946-2018): Farewell, Jagdishbhai

Jagdish Thakkar was never satisfied by less than the best effort.

Democracy’s demons

Polarisation brought about by political rhetoric, unfulfilled expectations and partisan media combine to pose a challenge to democratic polities.

When terror came to the House

December 13 is a day to pay homage to those who were martyred, and to remind ourselves of the need for a united resolve against a common enemy.

How Congress lost Mizoram

Its neglect of infrastructure, cronyism cost the party dear.

Lessons from a Congress victory

Its win in Rajasthan could have been much more comprehensive. For greater success in 2019, it must take corrective actions.

The rise and rise of KCR

The TRS government offered a basket of welfare programmes and populist schemes and mixed it with identity politics to outsmart its rivals in Telangana.

Constituency Of Farmers

Assembly election results show that deceiving farmers comes with a price

Hope and Humility

The elections have tamed the hubris of political powers-that-be. But they raise many questions

December 11, 1978, Forty Years Ago: Bihar Violence

Front page of The Indian Express on December 11, 1978

Five States, Same Absence

The silence on and of Muslims in assembly poll campaigns rang loud and clear