Sheila Dikshit: Infrastructure with inclusion

That’s the image Sheila Dikshit built nationally for Delhi.

A politician above politics

Sheila Dikshit was a person of many colours and contrasts.

From Plate to Plough: A win-win deal

Replacing subsidies with direct cash transfers to farmers’ accounts will empower them as well as consumers.

When Trump meets Imran

The essence of talks: What General Bajwa can deliver on regional peace, what he wants in return.

The Daughter Disadvantage

Fairer system of parental care would lead to more equality in families.

On the Loose: Chasing Happiness

The flawed but essential plan to solve inner angst

Narendra Modi has the opportunity to shape India as he wishes, but must take risks

Risks imply the willingness to suffer costs if you want benefits. It is not possible to have change which hurts no one. One must compensate the losers but not let them stop the positive change. It involves breaking with the old culture

Amit Shah has mounted an ambitious gameplan to trigger enough defections in Rajya Sabha by year-end

The BJP is focused on Uttar Pradesh since any MP who resigns will automatically be re-elected to the Upper House on a BJP ticket with the help of its large numbers in the state Assembly. Two BSP MPs and two SP MPs have been earmarked as potential targets.

RSS cannot be described as India’s deep state

Since the election results, the new ‘secular’ myth that is carefully and deliberately being created is that Narendra Modi is a pawn of the RSS. And, that it is the RSS that is the real ‘deep state’. It is unfortunate that even Rahul Gandhi seems to believe this.

$5 trillion economy is not an extraordinary goal

The CEA has good reason to be worried about the insufficiency of domestic resources. Government/ public investment can be made only out of tax revenues and public sector surpluses. Of these, tax revenues are under pressure. 2018-19 was a particularly dismal year; yet the government has set aggressive targets for tax revenues in 2019-20. Evidently, the CEA does not share the government’s optimism.

History headline: The rise, dissolution of Panthers

Inspired by the Black Panthers movement for civil rights and against racism, writer-poets J V Pawar and Namdeo Dhasal decided to form the Dalit Panthers, and immediately called for a boycott of the 25th Independence Day revelry, calling it a ‘Black Independence Day’.

That’s right, blame it on Hindi

Every language, culture has its history of oppression. But it is also in the infinite plurality of language that tensions of identity, of politics, are resolved.