Cloud over economic data invites questions about government’s sincerity

There seems to be a systematic pattern in distorting and/or withholding public information that could throw a harsh light on the government’s performance. This is the time for all democratically-minded people to raise their voice against the tendency.

Looking beyond Pulwama

The security apparatus should be radically restructured in the light of the terror strike. CCTVs, quick patrol teams, drones and sniffer and tracker dogs on convoy routes could prevent similar attacks in the future.

Machine-driven weapons need an international system of accountability

International rules around LAWS are relatively underdeveloped, and in the absence of clear norms on human accountability and attribution for autonomous weapons, we could see states like Pakistan deploy LAWS for operations outside their borders.

The aftermath of Pulwama marks the retreat of political engagement with Kashmir

A Kashmir perspective is absent in the current narrative, except for the attempts by political leaders and social media activists to try and save the harried students who became targets of revenge mobs in some places.

The Urdu Press: Pulwama horror

Munsif’s editorial is titled ‘Jawanon ka khoon kiski gurden par?’ It notes that “instead of examining where we went wrong, it is easy to deflect the blame on a neighbour.

What stops rural women from getting involved in entrepreneurship?

Women constitute only 14 per cent of the total entrepreneurs in the country. Women in rural areas face multiple barriers to pursuing income-generating activities, with patriarchal family and societal norms being the primary hurdle.

Such a basket of pro-labour reforms is unique in recent history

The interim budget has kept in mind the interests of workers. This is the first time in recent history a government has done that.

Any terror attack traceable to Pakistan undercuts its economic stability, IMF deal

If institutions such as FATF continue to keep Pakistan on the grey list or even blacklist it, and IMF imposes more stringent conditionalities, global investor confidence in Pakistan could nosedive, deepening the economic crisis.

Namvar Singh defined the contours of Hindu literary culture

Namvar Singh was inarguably the first and the only Hindi scholar and intellectual who commanded the respectful attention of luminaries from the world of social sciences and politics.

Why attack young Kashmiris for Pulwama attack, a crime committed by someone else?

If young Kashmiris are told that colleges in the mainland have no place for them, who does that help but jihadis? The political response within India to the barbarous attack in Pulwama has played absolutely into the hands of the Lashkar, the Jaish, and the ISI.

Ruse Of Gender Justice

Triple talaq legislation does not have anything to do with women’s empowerment

Star-studded CVs and moral numbness

The prevailing wisdom is that well-trained professionals will contribute towards social welfare and environmental sustainability. That's not the way it works.