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Acts of love and caring are the most potent influences on our well-being

As we mature into adulthood and older age, it is our social relationships, not the number but their quality, which will determine how long we live and the quality of these years of life.

The Anand Teltumbde I know

It is absurd to think that the same Teltumbde would use the Bhima Koregaon forum to build a conspiracy to inflict violence. For, his views on the Bhima Koregaon battle of 1818 seek to downplay the importance of the 19th century battle.

It’s time for the Collegium system to go

The recent decision of the Collegium to inexplicably replace two high court chief justices selected for elevation has reaffirmed my long-standing concerns about the methods of working of the Collegium.

Quotas for economically weaker sections will help de-stigmatise reservation

From Mayawati to Ram Vilas Paswan to Ramdas Athawale this bill has united the voices from within the community. There is a reason for this. Dalit leadership in the country is essentially the leadership of and by the poor.

Digital India versus Real India

In the run-up to the general election, global tech companies must find ways to live with populism, pandering and paranoia.

Forty Years Ago, January 18, 1979: Janata Crisis Wanes

The Indian Express' front page on January 18, 1979

Mayday over Brexit

British prime minister survives trust vote, but needs to build a broad coalition to win parliamentary support for a revised deal

Chinese sprouts

Plants are growing on the dark side of the moon. The symbolism is tremendous, the science so-so

Federal imbalance

The order to involve the UPSC in the selection of state police chiefs violates the principles of federalism

Constant disruptions in Parliament fail the mandate of the people

Parliamentary democracy can get us the best results only when authorities are willing to look for common agreeable propositions.

Even when a police officer is killed by Hindus, it is minorities that face the brunt

Going by the record, it would appear that when the perpetrators of the violence are minorities, the process of justice is swift. When they form part of organised Hindu militant groups, the fabled long arm of the law barely moves.

Cinema paradiso

Srinagar is set get its first multiplex. The return of the silver screen is welcome