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Health tips: Simple ways to deal with panic attack at work

Panic attack can be described as a sudden onset of intense fear or discomfort that triggers severe physical symptoms.

Writing the perfect auto-response email

It’s important for individuals to remember their audiences and what the implications are.

What makes a leader?

Many of the world’s leaders have mastered this art: They may be tough, but they are known for their grace and humor, too.

Working It Out: Why it’s important to create a work-life balance

We live in a digital age and smart work matters more than hard work. We want happy, productive and energetic employees rather than the employees who are compelled to work long hours at sub-optimal productivity levels.

60 per cent of millennials seek flexible working options: Survey

The survey was conducted with professionals across functional areas including accounts and finance, production and human resources working in full-time jobs.

Just 16-minute sleep loss may put your job at risk: Study

A study, published in the journal Sleep Health, found that reducing your sleep routine during the work-week greatly interferes with job performance.

Companies increasing focus on employees’ emotional, financial health: Study

The study concluded that this year over 80 per cent of the organisations have taken at least one action in health risks or condition management, weight management, physical activity and nutrition and managing employee stress and mental health.

Strict, yet kind boss can boost employees’ performance says study

The study noted that employees with bosses who were authoritarian almost always had negative results on job performance, while those with benevolent chiefs always had a positive impact on job performance.

This company embeds microchips in its employees to make their life easier

According to the company officials, these chips were embedded to make life easier for their employees - from using it as a company badge to buying things with a wave of the hand.

Workers in open-plan offices more active and less stressed than in private offices: Study

The study said that office people tend to be more sedentary compared to other workers and are thus likely to have more health problems. The most common ones include heart diseases, increased stress levels, and tiredness.

Coworking spaces spawn a new generation of workers and a new style of working

The coworking movement reached India almost five years ago and has only grown since. From being cost-effective to its vibe, there's a lot that attracts people to coworking spaces.

Working It Out: Did the education system fail us?

Is the education system flawed? Identify the job skills that are relevant for the next couple of decades, and if your school or college is not imparting those skills to you, you can learn them on your own.