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Sunday, December 15, 2019
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Watch out! These night-time habits are affecting your skin

December 14, 2019 3:25:11 pm

While there are many skincare commandments out there, none tells you about the things you should not be doing.

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Waking up with a puffy face? Try these tips to de-puff

December 14, 2019 2:26:49 pm

Puffy eyes are difficult to hide; take a look at these easy remedies to combat unwanted under-eye bags.

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Are you taking care of these body parts?

December 14, 2019 12:53:55 pm

These seemingly-unimportant parts are actually important and -- just like the rest of the body -- need to be thoroughly cleaned.

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Do you know how to customise your skincare routine?

December 13, 2019 3:00:54 pm

Customisation is never easy and there is a whole gamut of primary and secondary skin concerns to be taken into consideration, coupled with diet, exercise and even your sleep routine.

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Waking up in the middle of the night? Know how you can fall back asleep

December 13, 2019 2:10:43 pm

For light sleepers, even the mildest of disturbances can cost them their shuteye.

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Want naturally long eyelashes? Don’t look beyond these home remedies

December 12, 2019 2:55:18 pm

These kitchen ingredients will not even make you think of undergoing a cosmetic procedure.

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Miss World 2019 in London: All you need to know about the ceremony on December 14

December 12, 2019 12:34:17 pm

At the 69th edition of the contest, reigning Miss World Vanessa Ponce of Mexico will crown her successor.

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How you can incorporate Pantone’s colour of the year, classic blue, in your home

December 11, 2019 4:12:12 pm

Pantone recently announced that the ‘Colour of the Year 2020’ is Classic Blue, “a timeless and enduring blue hue elegant in its simplicity”. Wondering how to incorporate the colour in your spaces? Here are some answers.

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Simple tips to keep winter skincare woes at bay

December 10, 2019 5:53:59 pm

Make your skin winter-ready!

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Plogging is in: Milind Soman joins the movement; all you need to know

December 10, 2019 4:16:32 pm

Sustainable living is possible; plogging is one way.

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Sustainable living: An eco-friendly appliance to flush your kitchen waste down the drain

December 10, 2019 1:21:15 pm

Installed just below the kitchen sink, the appliance allows any type of raw or cooked food — wet or dry — including vegetables with tough skins, egg shells and bones, to be disposed of in minutes.

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Onion price rise: Try some alternative foods to flavour your dishes

December 11, 2019 9:10:24 am

If you are missing the bulbs, substitute your dishes with these foods and not miss out on taste.

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This beauty product will save you a lot of time

December 9, 2019 11:47:57 am

Highlighters aren't just for the cheeks. They can add a subtle glow to the areas you want to enhance.

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Miss Universe 2019: South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi wins the title

December 10, 2019 7:15:48 am

The native of Tsolo in South Africa won the 68th edition of the pageant.

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Winter skincare for men: Follow these five easy grooming tips

December 8, 2019 3:25:36 pm

Though it's believed that men's skin is rough and tough, during winter, even their skin requires additional care.

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How sesame oil (til) benefits the skin

December 8, 2019 8:54:15 am

Sesame seeds are a big part of both Indian and western cuisine, but do you know about their numerous beauty benefits?

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Prevent chapped lips this winter with these kitchen ingredients

December 7, 2019 3:12:10 pm

Chapped lips are not exclusive to winters, it can be a problem at any time of the year. Check out these home remedies.

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Make-up hacks for oily skin

December 6, 2019 3:00:32 pm

If you have oily skin and need your makeup to stay on all day, these tips will come to your rescue.

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Simple tips to care for your pooch this winter

December 6, 2019 9:11:35 am

Dogs might attempt to communicate their discomfort and pain through their unusual behaviour.

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British lesbian couple are first to carry baby in both their wombs through IVF

December 5, 2019 6:10:30 pm

The procedure involves one partner contributing and incubating the egg, while the other subsequently carries the foetus.