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‘Leaders are born, not made’: Virender Sehwag

Former Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag speaks on the qualities of a leader in this inspiring video.

The Lion King turned 25: Essential life lessons that we must learn

From bravery to learning from the past, and to be prepared for the best and the worst, the animated film series teaches us a lot on how to live life.

Inner strength has to come from every individual: Yuvraj Singh

Yuvraj Singh spells out that motivating oneself is essential when chips are down, rather than count on others.

What is the point of a day that doesn’t have positive feelings: Julia Roberts

Life is in the smallest of moments which can make one's day and life worth living.

‘Set a higher benchmark’: Brian Lara on his impeccable batting records

In this video, Brian Lara, the celebrated Trinidadian former international cricketer, spoke on the importance of setting higher goals.

The best way to return kindness is with kindness

We learn from this video that saying thank you may not be the only way to show gratitude.

‘For generating good ideas, creative failures are a must’: Azim Premji

He states that it is impossible to generate few good ideas without a lot of bad ideas.

‘Live your life with integrity’: Ellen DeGeneres

For her, success is all about living a honest and compassionate life and following one's passion.

Value what you think, say or do to lead a positive life

If one gives love, respect and does good, all of it comes back and helps one live a beautiful life.

‘Don’t listen to doubts, don’t listen to labels. Believe in yourself’: Sarah Gordy

The 42-year-old British actor became the first woman with Down Syndrome to be awarded the prestigious MBE or Member of the Order of the British Empire.

‘Use fear of failure to succeed’: Shah Rukh Khan

Actor Shah Rukh Khan noted in this 2012 Yale University speech that to achieve success, one needs to take the fear of failure seriously.

Calmness and patience can help solve any problem in life

No matter how big or small an issue in life is, a quiet mind and patience can help you overcome it.