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Saturday, April 04, 2020
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Coronavirus pandemic: Easy tips for diabetics to stay safe

March 28, 2020 1:35:08 pm

Considering the lower level of immunity, diabetics must ensure they take adequate precautions.

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Know the benefits of black gram and try these quick recipes

March 27, 2020 7:10:17 pm

These grams can be a good replacement for veggies in times of crisis.

work from home, back pain, sleep problem

Work from home: Why you should avoid sitting on the bed

March 27, 2020 10:58:34 am

Most of us tend to stoop while working which can affect our spine.

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Count on these foods to reduce excessive sweating

March 26, 2020 10:00:38 am

You are what you eat. With just a few tweaks, you can manage the sweat.

stress eating, work from home, coronavirus

How to manage stress eating while working from home

March 25, 2020 7:55:19 pm

Wondering why you cannot stop eating while working from home? A doctor explains why.

ocd, social distancing

Coronavirus: How those obsessed with cleanliness can cope with anxiety

March 25, 2020 6:22:56 pm

"One is supposed to wash your hands frequently for 20 seconds. For someone with OCD, this can be very confusing because what is frequently?"

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Heartburn drugs may increase risk of fracture in children: Study

March 25, 2020 2:55:39 pm

The study was published in JAMA Pediatrics and did not account for factors like physical activities, which more often than not determine bone fracture incidence.

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World Tuberculosis Day 2020: ‘Healthy, balanced diet need of the hour’

March 24, 2020 8:50:05 pm

What should a TB patient's diet comprise of? Find out.

coronavirus, mask, fashion designer

Coronavirus: Brandon Maxwell to Prada, fashion designers are making protective masks

March 24, 2020 5:30:40 pm

Maxwell, who styled Lady Gaga, also wrote on Instagram, "In response to this global crisis, we are now focusing our creative efforts on manufacturing PPE (personal protective equipment), starting with growns."

world tuberculosis day 2020, tuberculosis, coronavirus

World Tuberculosis Day 2020: Patients should follow hand hygiene, cough etiquette

March 24, 2020 3:00:41 pm

When those with lung TB, for instance, cough, sneeze or spit, the TB germs are released into the air, which in turn, could be inhaled by another person and infect him or her.

There is no COVID-immunity for young people, says WHO

March 23, 2020 8:17:32 pm

The organisation’s director-general, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said during a virtual briefing that contrary to what people may believe, young people, are "not invincible"

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Coronavirus and the elderly: All you need to know

March 23, 2020 6:00:33 pm

People with reduced or compromised immunity, such as the elderly, are more vulnerable to COVID-19.

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Snacking on almonds may help suppress between-meal hunger: Study

March 23, 2020 3:15:13 pm

The research examined the effect of consuming almonds as a mid-morning snack compared to an energy and weight-matched comparator snack (savoury crackers) or the equivalent weight of water.

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How to track your athlete child’s nutritional requirements

March 23, 2020 12:40:48 pm

Parents have a huge responsibility when it comes to maximising the child’s progress. Therefore, ensure you make informed decisions in becoming one of the reasons behind their success.

Turmeric and Ginger Energy Balls, radhika karle, coronavirus medicine, coronavirus, coronavirus pandemic,, indianexpress, Turmeric and Ginger Energy Balls uses, Turmeric and Ginger Energy Balls benefits,

Boost your immunity with this healthy laddoo recipe

March 23, 2020 6:44:03 pm

Make sure you boost your immunity in natural ways.

New York City, going for a walk in New York City, coronavirus, staying health, health, indian express, indian express news

Taking a stroll through a city

March 22, 2020 11:34:57 pm

While walking across the city streets in such times may well be fraught with danger, experts, however, are of the opinion that if one is not within about six feet of somebody, in almost every case one is not taking much risk, and it will also help us “save our own sanity”

Power your gut, keep diet alkaline to fight virus

March 22, 2020 11:33:24 pm

Butyrate, which is needed by the body to fight viruses, is commonly found in butter and desi ghee.

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Here is how you can make sanitiser at home

March 23, 2020 9:10:23 am

Can't find a sanitiser in the market? Here's how you can make it at home.


Know how to build immunity with protein amidst coronavirus pandemic

March 21, 2020 6:15:21 pm

The first and foremost step would always be preventive measures followed by a healthy lifestyle. 

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Start your day with watermelon this summer; here’s why

March 21, 2020 4:15:11 pm

From hydrating to keeping you glowing, count on this summer fruit.