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Friday, February 21, 2020
decade of fitness, NYT, health and fitness, Indian Express news

A decade of fitness: What we know & what we need to find out

December 28, 2019 6:21:04 pm

One of the big themes of exercise science in the 2010s is that bodies in motion seem to develop interior ecosystems that differ, in fundamental ways, from those of the sedentary.

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Salman Khan acing this yoga pose is a fitness goal; here’s why

December 27, 2019 11:40:29 am

The Dabangg 3 actor, who turns 54 today, can be seen acing the challenging yoga pose. Take a look!

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Here’s Street Dancer 3D actor Varun Dhawan giving some mid-week fitness inspiration

December 26, 2019 2:46:01 pm

The actor shares his fitness journey. Take a look!

handstand benefits, indianexpress, ranbir kapoor

Watch: Ranbir Kapoor doing a handstand is sure to beat your Monday blues

December 23, 2019 11:20:23 am

We came across a video of actor Ranbir Kapoor doing a clean handstand. Take a look here.

Kumail Nanjiani, Twilight of the Schlubs, Kumail Nanjiani, body, muscles

With Kumail Nanjiani’s glow-up, another former sitcom actor has muscled up

December 21, 2019 6:18:25 pm

Kumail Nanjiani, best known for playing the most endearing of the nerds on “Silicon Valley” and the romantic lead in the film “The Big Sick,” shared an image of himself in which he looked significantly, well, stronger, than he did when he appeared in those roles.

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Running late for work? Actor Bhagyashree shows how to squeeze in an all-body workout

December 21, 2019 1:20:09 pm

Maine Pyar Kiya actor Bhagyashree is seen setting major fitness goals with this workout. Have you seen it yet?

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Trends 2019: Workouts that kept sports stars fighting fit this year

January 1, 2020 11:34:38 am

From HIIT to Circuit Training, here's how your favourite sports icons did at the gym this year!

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Stay fit as a fiddle with pole dancing; actor Aashka Goradia shows us how

December 19, 2019 8:29:52 am

TV actor Aashka Goradia from serial Kkusum fame is giving major fitness goals with these poll fitness workout videos. Have you seen them yet?

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This throwback video of John Abraham planking is major fitness goal

December 21, 2019 4:37:32 pm

Are you ready to accept the one-minute plank challenge from birthday boy John Abraham who turns 47 today?

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Stay fit after 35 with this exercise; Shilpa Shetty shows how

December 17, 2019 9:30:49 am

The actor is seen giving major fitness goals. Have you had a look yet?

brisk walking, health, fitness, indian express news

Why brisk-walking is a great workout option

December 16, 2019 9:25:24 am

The idea is to quicken your pace and challenge your heart and lungs.

losing belly fat, health, indian express news

Things to remember if you are looking to reduce belly fat

December 14, 2019 5:18:36 pm

Many people begin their journey, but quit midway because they do not see any noticeable difference.

Thai massage, UNESCO heritage list, Indian Express news

Thai massage makes it to the UNESCO heritage list; here’s everything you need to know

December 13, 2019 12:34:16 pm

The massage follows a traditional healing mechanism that folds the body and uses sharp elbow techniques.

meditation, indian express, indian express news

Know how you can meditate anytime, anywhere

December 13, 2019 10:00:46 am

Keep in mind that whatever posture you choose will essentially define the process of meditation.

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Here’s Prateik Babbar giving some major weekend fitness inspiration

December 13, 2019 9:11:05 am

The fitness enthusiast can be seen giving major fitness goals. Read on.

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Yuvraj Singh’s throwback fitness videos are goals; take a look

December 12, 2019 4:39:36 pm

As Yuvraj Singh turns a year older today, take a look at his tryst with power training.

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Kareena Kapoor Khan doing Surya Namaskar is all the fitness inspiration you need this morning

December 11, 2019 9:10:13 am

The 39-year-old can be seen giving major fitness goals. Read on.

LISS, Low Intensity Steady State, HIIT, cardio, training, fitness goals,, indianexpress, High Intensity Interval training, cardio gym,

Feeling fatigued after an intense workout session? Give this exercise a try

December 10, 2019 10:00:37 am

Since LISS is easier to do and gentler on the body, it is appropriate for beginners.

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Finding inspiration to recover after injury? Look no far than Tanishaa Mukerji

December 9, 2019 11:02:53 am

The actor can be seen setting major fitness goals on recovery after injury.

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Want to have healthy spine? Learn fitness mantra from Pooja Batra

December 8, 2019 11:34:50 am

The celebrity fitness enthusiast who keeps sharing her workout pictures recently shared a post on the importance of spine health. Read on.