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‘I never knew where my next meal was coming from’: Roller skater who travelled 3,900 miles without money

Hong Kong born and US-bred Yanise Ho talks about her 3900-mile long journey from the East Coast to West Coast of the United States without carrying any money.

Friday the 13th: Why an RJ believes it’s spooky

Friday the 13th has earned a bad name just like other superstitions including walking under a ladder, crossing paths with a black cat or breaking a mirror or photo frame.

Milind Soman, Ankita Konwar open up about their marriage and age gap in new ad

The couple got married in 2018, and their union raised one too many eyebrows, mostly because Soman is several years older.

Instant gratification and the pursuit of perfection: Why our brains love Instagram

While some Insta-influencers try to keep it real, others set impossible standards that can leave us feeling dissatisfied and inadequate. But why is it so hard for us to take a step back? A brain scan offers some answers.

‘We are 20!’ Sushmita Sen celebrates daughter Renee’s birthday, pens emotional note

The former Miss Universe had adopted Renee back in 2000. Ever since, Renee has been the best and the biggest part of Sen's life.

From Chris Evans to Priyanka Chopra Jonas, these celebs are the best pet parents

From blessing us with pictures of their four-legged friends on their social media handles, to rescuing them from shelters, and starting a dialogue around animal abuse, these pet parents having been scoring solid points.

The intriguing love story of Amrita Pritam and Sahir Ludhianvi

Amrita Pritam knew that Sahir had a commitment phobia and his love for her was not as intense. She wrote to him, "Maine toot ke pyaar kiya tum se/Kya tumne bhi utna kiya mujh se? (I loved you wholeheartedly/ Did you also love me that much?)".

Let’s Talk: What women really want — female sex myths busted

It’s time to put some of the pseudo-scientific claims to rest.

Why more sex is better for your relationship

A study found that more often couples had sex, the more strongly they associated their partners with positive attributes.

Yes, it’s true: Best of your sex life begins at 40

A public perception is that as we age, sex becomes insignificant and less enjoyable. But according to a study 40 is the age when your best sex life begins.

From a guide to lifelong friend: Here’s what sibling love is all about

While there is a lot of responsibility that comes with a differently-abled sibling, the bond that such siblings share remains unique.

The world needs more ‘wicked women’, says Angelina Jolie in an essay

Angelina Jolie — who has long worked with the United Nations, currently as a Special Envoy and previously as a Goodwill ambassador from 2001 to 2012 — goes on to discuss the human rights violations against women around the globe.