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Let’s Talk: What women really want — female sex myths busted

It’s time to put some of the pseudo-scientific claims to rest.

Yes, it’s true: Best of your sex life begins at 40

A public perception is that as we age, sex becomes insignificant and less enjoyable. But according to a study 40 is the age when your best sex life begins.

Why more sex is better for your relationship

A study found that more often couples had sex, the more strongly they associated their partners with positive attributes.

Sarcastic, much? Here’s how satire can benefit you

Want to send across a message without offending anyone? Get your sarcastic juices flowing.

It’s been a struggle, says Meghan Markle on royalty and motherhood

On the public stage, Markle seems to embrace her new royal role with confidence. But in real life, coping with the constant media scrutiny and everyday pressure of being a mother is taking a toll.

Everything you need to know about sleep paralysis and the ‘sleep demon’

Those who have experienced sleep paralysis can vouch for the fact that the episodes are crippling and terrifying.

YouTube’s beloved grandpa chef is no more; here’s looking back at the septuagenarian’s journey

The death of 'Grandpa' has come as a rude shock to his YouTube family comprising 6.15 million subscribers.

Love horror movies? Learn what happens to your body when you watch one

Regardless of whether you are in a movie threatre or tucked safely under the covers, there are some typical responses that come about when you are immersed in the genre.

Want to get rid of bed bugs? Debunk these myths first

Don't believe the myths surrounding bed-bug infestation. Read the facts here.

A ‘dream come true’ for the transwoman winner; recognition for the entire trans community

If there was anything different about the third edition of the Miss Trans Queen India 2019, it was that all the participants could take heart from the fact that the winners represented the entire LGBTQ+ community.

Running to the wedding, any wedding

Wedding Hashers is a group of five runners from New York and New Jersey who wear custom-made, sweat-wicking shirts that look like tuxedos.

World Mental Health Day 2019: Pet owners on why they owe their life to their four-legged friends

We asked people to describe the one thing that brought them great joy and light, when they were dealing with the tough times. The answers came pronto. It was their pets — their reason for being.