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What after #MeToo? Let’s listen to heal

Schools and colleges cannot wash their hands of the perpetrators by shaming and handing out injunctions

Are our boys ready for #WeToo?

#MeToo has provided a great opportunity for all of us to start conversations with our children.

Your partner is most likely to cheat on a Friday evening, says survey

The most common excuse people make to hoodwink their partners is ‘a social night with co-workers’, Even ‘going to the gym’ is popular with 74 per cent people opting for it.

On World Heart Day, we ask – does heartbreak ever get easier?

Bereft of the luxury of time, I don’t  languish in heartbreaks anymore - but the pain now hits in waves. Many a times I have kept memories of an agonising night neatly beside the bed, unaware of it till a song floating in the air makes it difficult for me to breathe.

Futile Fame

Setting the obscure records straight. The records that matter, and concern us all are, however, far from triumphant.

How stress may be ruining your sex life and what to do about it

Mental stress can attack your sex life on many levels. When a person experiences changes in their body, or doesn’t feel good about their body, they might be less likely to want to engage in sexual activity.

Nowhere Men

The entire country is frantically googling “shared psychosis” and speculating how a seemingly normal family — who were dancing at one of the victim’s engagement two weeks ago — could become unwitting participants in this gruesome tragedy.

Education can boost men’s chances of online dating

A new study shows that women are more likely to prefer educated partners while dating online. Women usually pick men who are as educated as them or those who are more educated than them.

Looking for a perfect match? This matrimonial site can help you find your soulmate with AI and neuroscience

The struggle to find his perfect partner inspired Ishdeep Sawhney, the co-founder of matrimonial site Banihal and soon his brainchild became a part of director R Balki's 'Ki and Ka'. Here's how he is successfully using artificial intelligence and neuroscience to match couples.

Myth about ‘putting yourself in other’s shoe’ debunked

A recent study states that putting oneself in others' shoes in an attempt to understand their point of view and know them better is actually inaccurate. Relying on intuition is not the best method to understand what others are thinking.

Most individuals don’t care if partners have disability: Survey

While the majority of people with disability as an audience set here is millennial, people across age-groups are looking for companionship. The survey found that a majority of the audience is okay with their partner with or without a disability.

Home Alone

A Google search for the numbers of adults in legal battles with their parents doesn’t reveal clear statistics but going by the top three stories that surfaced, it appears India’s 40-somethings are a bunch of ruthless ogres, shoving their elderly into old age homes after they’ve grabbed all their assets.