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Balraj Sahni’s biography ‘The Non-Conformist’ to be written by his son

The foreword will be written by Amitabh Bachchan where he will share his working experiences with Balraj Sahni, and will also shed light on the latter's immense contribution to Indian cinema.

Fates and furies

Anger is a powerful emotion, but it seems a little reductive that a show of female power should occur mainly within this paradigm of violence and retribution.

Nemat Sadat’s debut novel is an ode to beauty and hope, even in dark times

The novel’s dedication to portraying the fragility of life is evident in its complexities. Most happy moments are bittersweet, no emotion is fully evident, no motive is completely understandable.

A bird’s-eye view of the land records systems that represent the main models in India

Agarwal’s book is a must-read for practitioners, and for policy-makers looking at land record reform as part of larger economic reform.

The story of Chandra Shekhar, the maverick in Indian politics

Instead of recognising that Chandra Shekhar was obliged him to run the government in close association with those who had made him PM, he desisted from consultation and insisted on having his own unfettered way.

Andrea Camilleri, author of Inspector Montalbano novels, dies at 93

He is survived by his wife, Rosetta Dello Siesto, whom he married in 1957, three daughters, four grandchildren and a great-granddaughter.

Mandira Bedi to pen down her first book ‘Happy for No Reason’

Mandira Bedi is all set to write a memoir, Happy for No Reason, that will capture the many roles she juggles as a professional, a parent and a home-maker. 

Author Margaret Mascarenhas passes away; a look at some of her memorable works

Margaret Mascarenhas was an American citizen with Goan origin and was known for her distinctive voice and was an integral part of the post-colonial discourse.

An award for books that have no violence against women

There are no constraints regarding the genre of the thriller. It can be a mystery, spy, historical, psychological, even political and satirical.

Author Devapriya Roy on her new book and the process of writing serialised fiction

Roy has written two novels, a travelogue The Heat and Dust Project (2015) and a graphic novel, Indira (2018). Her next book is a sequel to the travelogue, called Man. Woman. Road.

‘Musharraf used every occasion to grandstand and project himself’

In the first debate on the nuclear deal, held in Rajya Sabha during the Monsoon Session of 2005 soon after Prime Minister Manmohan Singh returned to India, the party did not give me an opportunity to initiate the debate.

There’s no home here

A poignant tale of social orders where caste murders the meanings of home, identity.