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Friday, February 21, 2020
Pune Natyasattak Rajani, theatre on Republic Day, Sawai Theatre, overnight theatre comptition, indian express news

Under the Stars

January 26, 2020 12:05:36 am

An overnight theatre event ushers in the Republic Day.

Bundeli folk theatre, Bundelkhand folk tradition of swang, theatre in India, Raja Mansingh Tomar Music and Art University, Himanshu Dwivedi, indian express news

Meet the actor who is reviving Bundeli folk tradition of swang

January 25, 2020 8:13:10 am

Theatre person Himanshu Dwivedi is working with the folk traditions of Bundelkhand.

Republic day, Republic day moments, artists on republic day, republic day parade, republic day celebrations, republic day in schools, indian express news

Educators, film directors and other artists on how they celebrated Republic Day as a child

January 25, 2020 8:13:12 am

Artistes recall their best Republic Day moments, and it all goes back to the school.

abha hanjura, singer, kashmiri pandit, jammu and kashmir, jagjit singh, nusrat fateh ali khan, indian express

Art’s job is to catalyse things: Sounds of Kashmir singer Aabha Hanjura

January 24, 2020 3:40:17 pm

Aabha Hanjura on singing in Koshur, and finding her roots through music.

A look at the Zakir Hussain Maquette, featuring the maestro in various avatars

January 24, 2020 10:51:45 am

Dayanita Singh’s latest book is as much about her as it is about tabla virtuoso, Zakir Hussain.

This mela aims to make art affordable for all

January 23, 2020 8:04:57 am

After Kolkata and Delhi, CIMA’s affordable art mela expands its horizons to Mumbai.

Few realise how vulnerable writers are: Namita Gokhale

January 23, 2020 6:13:44 am

Namita Gokhale on using the Jaipur Literature Festival as the setting of her latest novel, and how new templates need to be created.

Victoria Memorial to Belvedere House: A sneak peek into Kolkata’s new ‘cultural space’

January 23, 2020 8:13:23 am

A look at the art and architecture that make up the newly created ‘cultural space’ in Kolkata.

village rockstars, bulbul can sing, village rockstars netflix, bulbul can sing netflix, bulbul can sing netflix, indian express, indian express news

Village Rockstars and Bulbul Can Sing: Intimate exploration of the rite of passage of girls

January 22, 2020 9:11:16 am

Divided by a year, Village Rockstars and Bulbul Can Singh (streaming on Netflix) can be watched as an organic extension of the other; an episodic chronicling of an imaginary series.

Iranian-born architect, Yasaman Esmaili, urban designer Joana Dabaj, moughal architecture, british architecture, indian express news

Two architects, who work in conflict areas, on their role as designers

January 21, 2020 8:21:05 am

The recently held Women In Design 2020+ conference in Mumbai had speakers from all over the globe sharing stories and experiences.

Amitesh Grover, political art, political play, politics and theatre, International Theatre Festival of Kerala, ITFoK, indian express news

Celebrating Otherness

January 21, 2020 12:05:34 am

At ITFoK, one of the most political theatre festivals of India, first-time curator Amitesh Grover attempts to mirror the fissures of India on stage.

refugee crisis, world migration, Pallavi Paul, displaced population in world, climate emergency, dissent in art, indian express news

Pallavi Paul’s latest work comments on the ‘authenticity’ of citizenship

January 20, 2020 9:44:44 am

Emergency thermal blankets and voices from the past come together in artist Pallavi Paul’s work.

Astad Deboo, CAA protest, student protest, Natya Ballet Centre, Mahatma Gandhi, indian express news

‘Being minimal is harder’

January 20, 2020 12:05:55 am

Renowned contemporary dancer Astad Deboo on his learnings of 50 years, his upcoming ode to Gandhi, and expressing solidarity with students on the street.

Play On Bengali Singer Lalon Fakir: Dum Dum inmates to spread message of communal harmony — on stage

January 19, 2020 6:06:26 am

Under the guidance of Samrat Bose, director and mentor of the group, Theatre Traveller, the prisoners will spread the message of communal harmony through the eponymous drama, Lalon.

Kavita Krishnamurthy, Lakshminarayana Global Music Festival, L Subramaniam, meera bhajan, mahatma gandhi, indian express news

Kavita Krishnamurthy on remakes, effects of technology and music in times of social media

January 19, 2020 9:04:17 am

The festival, a collaboration between Vishwakarma University and Lakshminarayana Global Centre of Excellence in Pune, featured Krishnamurthy and violinist L Subramaniam along with the Symphony Orchestra of Castile and Leon from Spain.

Aditi Joglekar Hardikar, Art and Nationalism, Himalayas, jungles treks, indian express news

Aditi Joglekar Hardikar finds inspiration in fountain pens and crayons in her latest exhibition

January 19, 2020 10:22:38 am

Raised in Mumbai, Hardikar feels that she was fortunate to have lived in remote places that were devoid of traces of urbanisation.

National School of Drama, Suresh Sharma, General Dyer, indian express talk, indian express news

Past Continuous

January 19, 2020 12:05:43 am

Actor Suresh Sharma on recreating history on stage, and preparing a new generation of theatre artists.

Surjit Hans

The professor extraordinaire

January 18, 2020 5:11:53 pm

Professor Surjit Hans was bestowed with the Punjab Sahitya Akademi and Chandigarh Sahitya Akademi awards for his contribution to Punjabi language and literature.

vagina talks, play on patriarchy, Sahib Singh's play, punjabi theatre, play on women oppression, indian express news

Stage is my space for protest: Sahib Singh on his new play about women’s issues

January 18, 2020 8:44:03 am

Sahib Singh’s new play, Vagina Talks, poses many hard-hitting questions.

Akshay Sharma, Two Feet and Seven Thousand Words, dance duet, Contemporary Dance form, music and dance, indian express news

Choreographer Akshay Sharma opens up on why he focuses more on body than technique

January 18, 2020 8:32:06 am

Contemporary dancer and choreographer Akshay Sharma on his new production, a desire to push human capabilities, and expressing without words.