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Saturday, March 28, 2020
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Corona Effect

March 12, 2020 9:18:33 am

A number of events in the Capital are getting postponed in the wake of the rising cases of coronavirus in India.

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Back to the Roots

March 12, 2020 1:19:04 am

Patrick Fitzsimons, founder of US-based band, The Bluegrass Journeymen, on Indian music and how bluegrass is about a sense of community

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Kaamyaab: Journey of a side-actor from the background to the fore

March 12, 2020 12:49:06 pm

Hardik Mehta's Kaamyaab not just sheds light on actors who have been forever eluded by the blinding light of fame but digs deeper into their lives, presenting an intimate portrait of love and loss.

Anish Gawande, queer rights activist, Popular Prakashan’s foundation, art collection, Indian express talk, indian express news

Anish Gawande on how publisher Popular Prakashan’s foundation collection bridged art, literature and theory

March 10, 2020 9:01:16 am

In the last 95 years, Popular Prakashan has brought out notable titles in Marathi and English by authors such as Romila Thapar, Bhalchandra Nemade, Vijay Tendulkar, Jayprakash Narayan and Amol Palekar.

Labanya Prabha Ghosh, Shilpashram, women freedom fighters of India, bhasha andolan role of women, bhasha andolan, freedom struggle role of women, women freedom fighters bengal, indian express

Labanya Prabha Ghosh: Jailed during freedom struggle, Emergency, Bhasha Andolan, now forgotten by govt, people

March 9, 2020 1:35:19 pm

No commemorative statues or plaques mark the extraordinary life of Labanya Prabha Ghosh, a prominent woman revolutionary from Bengal.

Matangini Hazra: Flag in hand, the 73-year-old walked into a barrage of bullets

March 8, 2020 10:57:47 am

Women’s Day series: The woman from Tamluk was a staunch follower of Gandhi and went to jail many times.

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Suhasini Ganguly: Arrested many times under British rule, she went to jail even after Independence

March 8, 2020 6:01:54 am

While she was in her mid-thirties, between 1942 to 1945, Ganguly once again found herself imprisoned for providing shelter to Hemant Tarafdar, a revolutionary who was active in the Quit India Movement of 1942.

Jyoti Dogra, solo play Black Hole, mortality and astrophysics, indian express talk, indian express news

After the Big Bang

March 7, 2020 12:10:48 am

Jyoti Dogra holds her audience captive as she looks at mortality through the lens of astrophysics in the solo play Black Hole.

Going Old School

March 6, 2020 5:00:07 am

Actor Deepak Dobriyal on his two new releases, investing in a character and working with Irrfan

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Sacred Scrolls

March 6, 2020 1:19:13 am

Mumbai-based artist Milburn Cherian paints present-day chaos using biblical references


‘Family influences my cooking in major ways’

March 6, 2020 1:00:20 am

Chef Kelvin Cheung on his influences and the menus of his two new ventures in Delhi

Sahir Ludhianvi’s legacy comes alive at alma mater with ‘Wo Afsaana…’

March 5, 2020 10:58:23 pm

As the poetic play, portraying Sahir's relationship with Amrita Pritam was performed at Sahir Auditorium, the alumni met their 'ousted' college mate once again.

Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards dates, Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards when is it happening, Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, indian express news

Here are the best of plays to compete at Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, where to catch them

March 5, 2020 10:59:51 pm

Along with plays in Hindi and English, this year’s nominations also feature works in Hindustani, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Assamese (blended with gibberish), and even a non-verbal play.

Pritilata Waddedar, revolutionary Pritilata Waddedar, Pritilata Waddedar matksheet, women revolutionaries of india, indian express, women's day

Pritilata Waddedar, the 21-year-old who chose to die than be caught by the British

March 8, 2020 6:10:11 am

Women’s Day Special: Inspired by Surya Sen, the 21-year-old led the raid on the Pahartali European Club in Chittagong.

Visual artist Enora Lalet on making art from food

March 9, 2020 6:56:25 pm

French visual artist Enora Lalet on her trip to India and creating imaginary geographies.

Bina Das, Bengal Governor Stanley Jackson, fight for independence, freedom struggle, indian express, indian express news

Bina Das: 21-yr-old who shot Bengal Governor got Padma Shri, but died in penury

March 8, 2020 6:11:11 am

Women's Day special: In her own memoir, translated from Bengali by Dhira Dhar, Das mentions how deeply “Subhas babu” was inspired by her father and was a regular visitor to her parents’ home.

women revolutionaries, revolutionaries, bengal women revolutionaries, women's day, indian express news

Women’s Day special: The forgotten revolutionaries of Bengal

March 4, 2020 8:22:40 pm

The history of women’s movements in India, especially during the freedom struggle is unique in many ways because it served two purposes. One was to contribute to the cause of freedom from British rule while the other was to impress upon their countrymen and upon the foreign government the urgent need for social, economic, legal and political reform to improve the lives of women in the subcontinent.

Why is unbuilt architecture better?

March 4, 2020 10:56:16 am

A book on unbuilt architectural projects in India points to the possibilities of structural forms and the ambition of limitless imagination.

Poppy, short film Poppy, indian express, indian express news

Poppy: A heartwarming tale of two broken lives

March 3, 2020 5:31:23 pm

“Poppy keeps dreaming about meeting this man in a library. She is trying hard to identify this person, but is not able to. In reality, she keeps looking at her husband’s library and an empty chair, because she misses him too much. This was another point to stress on the loneliness angle," says director Sudharshan Narayanan.

Fashion historian Christopher Breward, National Museums Scotland director, Western art history, indian express talk, indian express news

Fashion historian Christopher Breward on close ties between fashion and art

March 2, 2020 7:54:21 am

Fashion historian Christopher Breward, who will become the director of the National Museums Scotland next month, on how the brocades, silks and chiffons of historical portraiture are good fashion lessons.