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Tuesday, January 18, 2022
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Of Shared History

December 21, 2015 4:00:50 am

An exhibition comprising works of five Kerala artists chronicles a crucial movement in art history.

Faezeh Jalali, play, theatre, play 7/7/07, iranina girl, iranina girl murder, NCPA, talk, indian express

Prison Diaries

December 21, 2015 3:59:54 am

Faezeh Jalali about the play 7/7/07, based on a 19-year-old Iranian girl executed for murder.

Damien Hirst, Rachel Howard, Sudarshan Shetty, Rachaita Creative Solutions, Manjunath Kamath

The world of the apprentice

December 20, 2015 1:20:08 am

Arrests in the case have put the spotlight on the world of ancillary artists, quietly giving shape to an artist’s vision

At home with the lions

December 20, 2015 1:05:27 pm

A photographer who has documented Gir for 30 years on how its big cats have changed over the years, and the wonder of the forest.

art, painting, company artist Sita Ram, Bikaner house, Sita Ram, British-India, talk, indian express

A rare glimpse into history: The artist and his company

December 19, 2015 6:33:44 pm

The paintings of little-known Company artist Sita Ram present a rare view of British-India and its people.

Catch BLOT!, Objekt, DJ Koze, etc at the Magnetic Fields music festival

December 18, 2015 12:27:06 pm

This year the festival is during 18-20 December. In case you're heading out there, here are some of the artistes to watch out for.

Pietro Ruffo, painting exhibition, Terra Incognita, Pietro Ruffo paintings, Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, Pietro Ruffo exhibition, Talk

Shopping for Freedom

December 18, 2015 12:50:54 am

For his first solo in Delhi, artist Pietro Ruffo explores the fragmented lines of unknown lands

Gaitonde fetches a whopping Rs 29.30 cr at Christie’s auction

December 16, 2015 12:57:15 pm

An untitled work by India's foremost abstract painter Vasudeo S Gaitonde fetched a jaw-dropping Rs 29.30 crore at the Christie's annual India auction in Mumbai.

December 16, December 16 gangrape, Nirbhaya gangrape, Nirbhaya Chetna Diwas, talk, indian express

Beyond Nightfall

December 16, 2015 5:02:59 am

Theatre, music, film, photographs and discussions recall December 16.

Fired by Hamlet, Ashwath Bhatt, Michael Moritz, german director Michael Moritz, William Shakespeare, Theatre Garage Project, theatre, art, talk

To Be or Not to Be

December 16, 2015 5:01:14 am

… that was never the question for a destitute theatre company from India, which hears that the Prince of Denmark is looking for actors. Fired by Hamlet draws upon Commedia dell’arte and physical theatre to talk about journeys made in hope.

The Child in Us: Looking back at childhood through art

December 15, 2015 6:40:36 pm

Christine Margotin's children in bronze celebrate the ordinary.

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‘Newscapes 3’ showcases photos that made news in Chandigarh

December 15, 2015 9:56:03 am

Curated as a tribute to the celebrated photo journalist Yog Joy, the exhibition showcases work of photo journalists from Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali.

Anoushka Shankar, sitar layer anoushka shankar, artist Anoushka Shankar, Pt Ravi Shankar, Pt. Ravi Shankar daughter, talk, indian express

Out of the Shadow

December 15, 2015 12:15:23 am

On the heels of her fifth Grammy nomination, a tribute concert to her father saw Anoushka Shankar coming into her own.

Hema Upadhyay, Harish Bambani, double murder case, Hema Upadhyay murder, Harish Bambani murder, Kandivali twin murder

Her Canvas

December 15, 2015 7:59:19 pm

Artists remember Hema Upadhyay, and some of her landmark works.

art, art exhibition, painting exhibition, Gopal Ghose, Gopal Ghose painting exhibition, indian landscape, Rustic Resonance, Gopal Ghose Rustic Resonance, talk

Painted Seasons

December 14, 2015 4:13:09 am

An exhibition reveals artist Gopal Ghose’s fascination for the Indian landscape and its rustic settings.

Adrift with the boat people: Photographs reveal shocking realities about the Rohingya

December 13, 2015 1:03:44 am

Bangladeshi photographer Saiful Huq Omi’s images explain Myanmar’s Rohingya crisis in a way politics does not.

Neighbourhood watch: In conversation with Kishwar Naheed

December 13, 2015 1:00:05 am

Pakistani feminist poet Kishwar Naheed on her poem that became an anthem for women’s rights, challenging tradition, and the lessons India can learn from Pakistan.

The return of Baba Sehgal

December 13, 2015 12:08:02 am

The original Indian rapper on the struggle of his early days and his role in dicovering AR Rahman.

Liverpool: The birthplace of The Beatles named England’s first UNESCO city of music

December 12, 2015 12:28:53 pm

The new title was awarded to the city based on its commitment to having a clearly defined music, education and skills strategy for young people so that Liverpool can continue to produce world class talent.

Zuleikha Chaudhari, Theatre director Zuleikha Chaudhari, Rehearsing the Witness, Bhawal court case, theatre art, exhibiton, talk

Trial Room

December 12, 2015 4:31:16 am

Director Zuleikha Chaudhari recreates a sensational Bhawal court case of the ’20s with an exhibition-cum-performance, titled Rehearsing the Witness.

Debates over intolerance arise when people mix art and ideas with religion: L N Tallur

December 11, 2015 4:39:20 pm

Tallur, who has under his belt the prestigious Skoda Prize 2012, an award given for excellence in Indian contemporary art, said he identifies himself with those writers and artists who have returned their awards as a show of dissent.

Far from mundane: An exhibition of emotions

December 11, 2015 4:53:58 pm

A group show at India Habitat Centre in New Delhi presents grief and joy and all emotions in between.

Jurgen Mayer, building spaces, exhibition, Plaza de la Encarnacion, Spanish Semana Santa, Block.Buster, talk

Sense of Our Lives

December 10, 2015 12:12:14 am

Berlin-based architect Jurgen Mayer’s exhibition presents brave experiments in building spaces.

Exhibition, Time, history, Contemporary artists, In and Out of Time, Diana Al-Hadid, Adrian Ghenie, Idris Khan, Michael Kunze, Talk

Reflections on Time

December 10, 2015 12:07:05 am

The exhibition ‘In and Out of Time’ has four contemporary artists exploring time as history and memory.

Fibre Fables, traditional yarn, exhibition, professional weavers, Talk

Spinning Tales

December 9, 2015 12:00:37 am

Artists and weavers collaborate to give the traditional yarn a contemporary twist in multiple hues and mediums