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Tracing the history of Kashmiri art painters

The painters and sculptors from Kashmir brought with them a highly sophisticated form of art, which was deeply rooted in the classic Sanskrit texts of India, says art historian Benoy K Behl.

Manoj Mauryaa’s film ‘Icecake’: 12 bikers’ ride from Delhi to Spiti

‘Icecake’ comes replete with action, romance, drama, adventure, and beautiful songs. The film also inspires the youth to stay away from drugs and other substance abuse.

Easter 2019 Date: When is Easter Sunday in 2019?

Easter Sunday 2019 Date: The day stands for the victory of Christ over death. Although many believe Jesus to be another preacher or Rabbi, his resurrection sets him apart and makes him the ‘Son of God’. It also serves as a symbol of divinity.

Golden hour

Textile revivalists Swati & Sunaina on mapping the link between Tibetan monasteries and Banarasi weavers, and converting the revered Gyaser silk brocade into saris

The battle of life

Unrequited love, class divide, and refugee crisis are central in director Feisal Alkazi’s latest musical adapted from Charles Dickens’ A Tale of Two Cities

World Heritage Day 2019: All you need to know about the history, significance and this year’s theme

World Heritage Day, 2019: Approved by UNESCO in 1983 during its 22nd General Conference, the day is dedicated to recognising sites of historical importance, raising awareness and the stressing on the need to restore and preserve them.

Weaving a coming-of-age story in a graphic novel using Madhubani art and chhota Nagpuri Hindi

The graphic novel, for children and young adults, is the brainchild of designer Raj Kumari and her screenwriter husband Varun Grover.

The ‘Jallianwala Bagh Centenary Commemoration Exhibition’ sheds light on the fateful massacre

Using the help of unknown facts and intimate details of what happened before and after the massacre, it examines whether the fateful event was a well-planned conspiracy by Dyer to confine those gathered inside the premises, which was devoid of any escape route.

An exhibition records how western artists depicted the Sikh community in the 19th and 20th centuries

It is part of the exhibition titled “Sikhs: An Occidental Romance” that features 80 replicas of 19th and 20th century paintings featuring members of the Sikh community by western artists.

Notre-Dame’s famed rose window spared but blaze harms priceless artworks

Most of the sacramental artefacts in Notre-Dame's treasury - where they were traditionally kept as reserves to be sold off or melted down in times of need - date from the 19th and 20th centuries.

The ongoing exhibition at Barrack number 4 befittingly presents art from different periods

Organised by The Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in collaboration with Delhi Art Gallery — titled “Drishyakala”, begins with British artists Thomas and William Daniell, who travelled through India late eighteenth century onwards to produce “Oriental Scenery”, often described as “the finest illustrated work on India”. “