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Notre Dame: A Calamity Threatening to Be Repeated Across France

France’s dazzling heritage in stone has proved both beautiful and burdensome for the state, and well beyond its means to maintain.

Three new theatre productions are based on the Jallianwala Bagh massacre

One of the plays has been written by actors Gaurav Kumar and Ankhush Shukla, who read and researched multiple books and explored numerous resources to understand the tragedy from different dimensions.

A series of short films highlight four different but interconnected societal concerns

The focus of Rangroot Theater's plays, films and literary activities is social and political problems faced by the present generation and the society at large.

Easter Sunday 2019: History, Importance & Significance of Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday 2019 Date: On the third day from Good Friday, however, Christ' disciples visited his grave only to find the stone rolled away and the grave to be empty. This year Easter will be celebrated on April 21.

Once Upon a Time: A co-working space in Pune comes alive with stories from Indian literature

The event, held earlier this month, featured storytellers, timeless tales and an involved audience.

Heritage High: A film festival celebrates the culture of cities

Filmit is a multi-cultural project that allows students to understand the heritage and history of the city in which they live through the medium of films.

With Bharatnatyam, the cosmos & climate change, Sarabhai’s grandson presents a new story

The grandson of eminent physicist Dr. Vikram Sarabhai and legendary classical dancer Mrinalini Sarabhai, Revanta is trying to tell new stories about current issues, such as climate change and long-distance relationships, through this 3000-year-old art form.

Tracing the history of Kashmiri art painters

The painters and sculptors from Kashmir brought with them a highly sophisticated form of art, which was deeply rooted in the classic Sanskrit texts of India, says art historian Benoy K Behl.

Manoj Mauryaa’s film ‘Icecake’: 12 bikers’ ride from Delhi to Spiti

‘Icecake’ comes replete with action, romance, drama, adventure, and beautiful songs. The film also inspires the youth to stay away from drugs and other substance abuse.

Easter 2019 Date: When is Easter Sunday in 2019?

Easter Sunday 2019 Date: The day stands for the victory of Christ over death. Although many believe Jesus to be another preacher or Rabbi, his resurrection sets him apart and makes him the ‘Son of God’. It also serves as a symbol of divinity.

Golden hour

Textile revivalists Swati & Sunaina on mapping the link between Tibetan monasteries and Banarasi weavers, and converting the revered Gyaser silk brocade into saris