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Chasing fame and fun 15 seconds at a time: Why TikTok has India hooked

How TikTok, an app owned by a Chinese firm, has become a playground for India’s young.

‘My life as a filmmaker is nothing less than a comedy’

Shahrbanoo Sadat on being a woman filmmaker in Afghanistan, paying homage to Bollywood and being invisible in her country.

Odisha’s ancient art of Pattachitra struggles to find its feet after Cyclone Fani

In the wake of Cyclone Fani, the art community comes to the rescue of Raghurajpur’s pattachitra artists.

Down in Jungleland: Wing Games

Besides being game birds, grey francolins are also great fighters.

Families in Food: How Delhi’s iconic Al-Jawahar restaurant got its name

Named after India’s first PM, Al-Jawahar is a big draw.

These books tell wonderful stories without using any words

Let your imagination soar with stories that break free of words.

A house for books

Even the smallest library is a gateway to many worlds.

Lessons from Bengaluru on how to reclaim our water bodies

The revival of lakes and tanks is bringing water back into the public realm.

‘We are soon going to be completely isolated’

Assamese poet Shalim Hussain on migration, NRC and the fight against prejudice.

Rage becomes him: The author who writes about those with nothing more to lose

Why Bengali writer Manoranjan Byapari’s rise to a life of letters and literature is an anti-caste manifesto of suffering and grit.

Forwarded as Received: Different Strokes

Soldiers fight, and cricketers do ads for chips. Why can’t we see the difference, asks WhatsApp Uncle

A lake in Taiwan, surrounded by misty mountains and a scenic cycle track, sprawls like a Chinese scroll painting

Serenades of the Sun and the Moon: No one can swim in the lake, except at the time of the Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival in early September, when about 10,000 swimmers from the country and abroad take to the waters for the annual two miles across the lake swim.