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Humphry House’s ‘I Spy With My Little Eye’ is a must-read in this season of suspicion

The timing could not be more appropriate, now that the number of fresh sedition charges is in double digits, with a herd of people targeted along with Kanhaiya Kumar, and three intellectuals in Assam, including the much-respected Hiren Gohain.

All it takes to welcome seasons is food and family

In the predominantly Punjabi neighbourhood where we spent most of our childhood, the festivities would be announced with drumbeats and bonfires into which peanuts and popcorn were thrown in as ritual oblation. But, for long, we did not really know what the fervour was all about.

What made Tintin the ultimate fantasy for generations and his greatest gift to us

It’s inevitable that Tintin at 90 will show his wrinkles and warts. But the boy-man always ready to take off on an adventure remains a dream of ageless freedom and undying friendship.

Forwarded as received: Who Moved My Seat?

Finally, ‘merit’ has found a friend in aarakshan. But why then is WhatsApp Uncle unhappy?

Tastes like Home: A Goan on the lookout for the Portuguese footprints in Macau

Divided by geography, united by history, a Goan on the lookout for the Portuguese footprints in Macau.

The many initiatives that are keeping ‘serious literature’ in Hindi alive

While pop Hindi literature finds more readers, the editor as gatekeeper helps sustain the literary ecosystem – online as well as offline.

Down in Jungleland: Bee-eaters are lovely little musical boxes in the sky

The bee-eater is a thing of beauty, complexity, and unbridled wonder. They are said to be especially fond of honey bees, and, therefore, not very popular with apiarists, who accuse them of making serious dents in the population of worker bees.

In Thanjavur, bulls are inseparable from Pongal celebrations

Bulls, both in play and worship, are inseparable from Pongal celebrations in Thanjavur.

Yo Ho Ho, and a Bottle of Bangla: Kolkata is truly Tintin City

If you had any doubts over Kolkata’s cred as Tintin City, head to the Tintin and the Brussels Club, a restaurant that specialises in Belgian cuisine and is inspired by the intrepid reporter.

Few flavours of what sustained the British remain in Coorg

In Coorg, regional cuisines bear the imprint of a long-gone era.

The importance of preserving the wild mangoes of Gujarat’s Chinchli

Why an ancient natural mango forest in Dangs, Gujarat, is now part of the state’s biodiversity heritage.

Digital Native: She Will Survive

But for that we have to recognise that the woman who says #MeToo is not just a flat, digital image.