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The history of the monasteries near Puri’s Sri Jagannath Temple

Puri is being reshaped by a demolition drive. The maths around Jagannath Temple are the first casualty

When Dehradun’s clock struck ten after a decade

Dehradun’s iconic clock tower, silent for over 10 years, starts chiming again.

Flight to the Finnish

Soaking in the history and liveliness of Lappeenranta, in south-eastern Finland, is an experience to remember.

A Murder in Baghpat

The tragic aftermath of a family feud in Uttar Pradesh

Down in Jungleland: Season of Scares

We are criminally neglectful in the way we behave around snakes.

Bon Appétit! Head Start

Why the fish head gets pride of place in Bengali kitchens.

Upendra Maharathi, an artist extraordinaire

Delhi’s NGMA celebrates a retrospective on Upendra Maharathi’s life and art, and how he straddled mediums.

Let’s go Dutch: Gazing at the city of Leiden through the spokes of the windmill provides one with quite a high

Leiden, the birthplace of Rembrandt in the Netherlands, resembles a canvas dotted with windmills, plazas and verses inscribed on walls.

Travelling Suitcase: Bread and Breakfast in Israel

Scrumptious hummus and other gourmet delights in Israel.

Despite Badhaai Ho’s success, veteran actor Surekha Sikri is taking things one day at a time

Actor Surekha Sikri on life after suffering a stroke, how theatre opened up her world and why older women are yet to get their dues in Hindi films.

Another Day in Paradise

A curated list of recommendations for the young ’uns. This week, books on Kashmir.

Finger-lickin’ good: The story of chutney in India

In most meals, the chutney is on the margins of the plate as an accompaniment. But, in its variety of ingredients and burst of flavours, it remains the common taste that binds our multicultural eating practices together.