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The filmmaker who’s driven by an ‘unbearable rage’ against injustice

In her new film, Leena Manimekalai uncovers the life of one of the most marginalised communities in Tamil Nadu

The importance of garba in National Award-winning Gujarati film Hellaro

An award-winning film turns a Kutchi folktale into a parable about the suppression of women by patriarchy

Smoke and water

The toxic air makes WhatsApp Uncle asks some decidedly anti-national questions.

The ‘children of bamboo’ who help capture man-eating tigers

How the Soliga tribe uses its ancient relationship to the landscape to help Karnataka’s forest department.

Travelling Suitcase: Gold Wine

In Switzerland, a trek through the terraced vineyards of Lavaux

The register that documented the dreams of Tipu Sultan

Tipu Sultan was the rare ruler who documented his subconscious. What does his register of dreams say about the king and those he considered his enemies?

In New Zealand’s Rotorua town, vents in the ground puffing out clouds of steam are a common sight

Pohutu is famous for being the most reliable geyser when it comes to eruptions, with eruptions that last for several minutes to hours.

An exhibition revisits six decades of artist Jogen Chowdhury’s body of work

‘All along, my main subjects have been the people’

On the trail of Guru Nanak Dev’s travels from Tibet to Iran

Tracing Guru Nanak’s footsteps across nine countries and over 150 inter-faith sites, writer Amardeep Singh finds anew the relevance of universality preached by the first Sikh guru.

Hop, Skip and Jump

Of hares and cavorting bunnies.

The Marketplace of Stories

Filmmaker Pradip Kurbah grew up in the warrens of Shillong’s oldest bazaar. Now, he takes Iewduh’s story to the world through an award-winning feature.

The first Indian to sail across the world solo offers a taste of adventure on the high seas

‘There is a thrill in going away from land, to stop in the middle of nowhere and measure perspective’