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The eye in the sky: Hindi films’ paeans to love, desire and beauty with that familiar motif

The moon sets the mood, whether it’s in the playful 'Khoya khoya chand' (Kala Bazar, 1960), with Dev Anand gallivanting about, or the staid 'Yeh raat, yeh chandni phir kahan' (Jaal, 1952).

Bring on the night: Music inspired by the moon over the years

The fascination with the moon in notes familiar and surreal.

Why the world’s in a second race to the moon

Fifty years after Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin created history, and, on the eve of India’s second lunar mission – Chandrayaan 2 – let's take a look at man’s oldest muse and how it has inspired all manner of human endeavour. First up, why a renewed surge of interest in moon travel is both an indication of the complexities of lunar missions and a future foretold.

The brave new world to expect with the new race to the moon

The moon is the unexplored seventh continent, a blank slate on which nations now race to write their destiny.

The many moods of the moon; Urdu poetry’s favourite muse

Love, beauty, yearning and despair -- The moon is a multipurpose muse, at once a symbol of ishq (love), taqwa (piety), tanhaai (loneliness), hairat (wonder), khushi (happiness) and arzoo (longing).

The enduring appeal of artist Jitish Kallat’s lunar rotis

Jitish Kallat's interests lie in celestial cycles, circadian rhythms and the mysterious orbital geometry of the moon, earth and sun.

The novel is one of our last democratic spaces: Turkish writer Elif Shafak

The 47-year-old Turkish writer Elif Shafak on her new novel, the questions literature must raise and the muzzling of writers and artists in her country.

‘I want to be the master of all trades’: What drives designer Masaba Gupta

Trend-busting designer Masaba Gupta on why she isn’t happy designing just clothes and jewellery.

A critic takes centrestage: What makes Shanta Gokhale a renaissance person

For nearly five decades, Shanta Gokhale, 79, has chronicled and critiqued literary and theatrical traditions in India. Looking back at a life of fullness, shaped by the arts.

The singers and songwriters giving resistance in Kashmir a new vocabulary

Youth artists in Kashmir give resistance a new vocabulary through music.

How Pune’s iconic Prabhat Studios became the prestigious FTII

How a film studio gave way to an iconic campus.

‘Couldn’t afford to show fear’: Kerala’s health minister KK Shailaja on dealing with Nipah

KK Shailaja is the quiet face of Kerala’s Nipah fightback, inspiring Revathy’s role in the Malayalam film Virus. The state health minister on how the battle was won, and the challenges ahead.