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Flour, water, sugar, magic — the secret to making the most soul-satisfying apple tart

How I learned from my professor’s mother — who spoke only a little English — the secret to making the simplest, most soul-satisfying apple tart ever, the Tarte Elbeuf.

‘I want to play a pop icon next’: Laakhon Mein Ek star Shweta Tripathi

Actor Shweta Tripathi on playing a doctor and being picky about her roles.

Death’s End: Learnings about Tomb Sweeping Day in China

At the Qingming Festival in China, notes on remembrance.

‘Constitutionalism needs to percolate into society’

Lawyer Gautam Bhatia on his new book, what makes the Constitution transformative, and why its essence lies in dissenting judgements.

Digital Native: Getting through an election made for the social media gaze

In the poll season, social media platforms thrive on wounded outrage disguised as politics.

A museum that wants to tell the story of India’s natural history

The Indian Museum of Earth can be a repository of fossils, stories and research.

Families in Food: Born in 1895, how Mumbai’s iconic Bhagat Tarachand got its name

At Mumbai’s century-old restaurant Bhagat Tarachand, no customer leaves hungry.

‘I won’t play the girl who sheds tears’: After Sairat, Rinku Rajguru’s next film is here

Rinku Rajguru on her post-Sairat fame and charting a career in cinema.

A Murder on Animal Farm

Slain rationalists, lynchings and caste agitations figure in Marathi writer Pravin Bandekar’s new Orwellian novel, which explores the disappointments of all political change.

Living among lions in Kenya

In Kenya, where the wild is nigh, with its head held high.

A death is the latest sign of rising man-animal conflict in Kerala’s Wayanad

In poll season, the man-animal conflict in Wayanad could be defining.

‘I start my stories at the climax’: Super Deluxe director Thiagarajan Kumararaja

Filmmaker Thiagarajan Kumararaja on writing his movies entirely as third acts and how music influences his work