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Families in Food: Milk Made

Mumbai’s Mathura Dairy Farm has been making its signature pedas for 70-odd years.

Luck by Chance

Welcome M1LL10NS is a multilingual suspense film about lottery fraud that’s gunning for an Oscar nomination.

How Do We Bury Thee?

Stan Lee was a white man whose only ‘genius’ was a brazen brand of self-promotion. The co-creator of some of the most famous comicbook characters of all time, Lee died last week in Los Angeles.

Outsider Inside: Praveen Jain’s work offers an intimate look at an older, less guarded era of Indian politics

Jain’s work from 35 years ago was on display last week in the exhibition, “200 & One”, held in Delhi’s AIFACS gallery. The show spans India’s political life from the time of Indira Gandhi in 1983 to Narendra Modi in 2018.

Forwarded as Received: In the Name of the Nation

WhatsApp Uncle is confused by these Confucian times.

Leaning in to Lagom

Learning lifestyle concepts from the Scandinavians — if the Danish hygge taught us to have fun, the Swedish concept of lagom teaches one to embrace contentment.

Down in Jungleland: A Road Runs Through It

Tree planting? Not good for trees.

Vikas Has Missed the Bus

As the promise of equality enshrined in the Constitution continues to elude us, Shrilal Shukla’s novel reminds us why Indian democracy is often the rule of people of powerful castes and not of the law.

‘Painting should not become political journalism’

Artist A Ramachandran, 84, on his ongoing solo show in Delhi, why he resisted a European influence on his art and moved away from social commentary.

Fit for Kings

When in Bahrain, eat like a local — from breaking bread over lavish breakfasts to meaty encounters at dinner.

Digital Native: One Selfie Does a Tragedy Make

The great find of this century – life’s worth just a selfie. Channeling the inner narcissus is now human hamartia.

The Mahi Way: The outsider who took on Indian cricket’s high and mighty

As speculation over MS Dhoni’s retirement does the rounds, a look at the story of the outsider who took on Indian cricket’s high and mighty and went on to chart his own course to success.


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