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Telling Numbers: Class by class, what school students can and cannot read

ASER is a rural survey — urban areas are not covered. In most years, ASER has attempted to reach every rural district of the country

KALIA: how Odisha new scheme supports farm community with payments

Although the scheme is not linked to the amount of land owned, the government insists it will “greatly benefit” sharecroppers and cultivators, most of whom own little or no land.

The story of the Guest House

What was the infamous incident that took place in Lucknow 24 years ago that turned the SP and BSP into sworn enemies, seemingly to never come together again? Why has that situation changed now?

CCHS: What makes sleep deadly in this rare disease?

Those suffering from the disease, called Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome (CCHS), can lose their life if they fall into deep sleep. A look at how it affects the body.

Explained snippets: LAC roads in last 3 years, the delays and the reasons

“The main reasons for delay in execution of road projects are delay in obtaining forest/wildlife clearances, hard rock stretches, limited working season, difficulties in availability of construction materials, delay in land acquisition," the government said.

An Expert Explains: New quota and basic structure

The 10% quota for economically weaker sections faces a challenge in the Supreme Court on grounds of violating the ‘basic structure’ of Constitution. What is that structure, how does SC decide if it is violated?

Explained: Why farmers in the sugar bowl of Western Maharashtra are angry

Farmers protested violently over the weekend in support of their demand for a one-time payment of the fair and remunerative price. Ballooning cane dues could become a major issue as LS polls near.

Explained: What is the Makaravilakku festival being celebrated in Sabarimala?

Amid the ongoing agitation over the entry of women of menstruating age into the Sabarimala temple following the recent order of the Supreme Court has come the Makaravilakku festival, the most important event in the two-month-long annual festival season.

Clean Air Programme: how Centre plans to wage a ‘war against pollution’

It proposes a “tentative national target” of 20%-30% reduction in PM2.5 and PM10 concentrations by 2024, with 2017 as the base year for comparison.

Explained: why China Moon landing is significant

What is the dark side of the Moon, and why have none of the previous landings been made there?

Macedonia changes its name: Why this matters to Greece

A country votes to rename itself. Why the name matters to Greece, and what it can bring Macedonia

Tip for Reading List: Anne Frank, reimagined graphically

The “trickiest task” for Ari Folman was “to retain only a portion of Anne’s original diary while still being faithful to the entire work”.