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Indian Ad-Age: How Hamara Bajaj felt the heartbeat of a nation

Bajaj’s response to challenges from mainly motorbike-pushing brands like Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki in late 1980s was an ad campaign, called "Hamara Bajaj", that set a new benchmark for Indian advertising - not just motor vehicle advertising, but advertising in general.

Why Friends would have never worked as an Indian TV show

No parent in our country would have been comfortable seeing youngsters in their mid-20s wasting their life away at a coffee shop.

Character Spotlight: Jab We Met’s Geet Dhillon

In the second edition of our series 'Character Spotlight', we talk about Geet Dhillon, played by Kareena Kapoor Khan, in Jab We Met.

Character Spotlight: DDLJ’s Raj Malhotra

In the first edition of our series 'Character Spotlight', we talk about Raj Malhotra, played by Shah Rukh Khan, in Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge.

Indian Ad-Age: How Cherry Charlie made Cherry Blossom Shine

How successful the Cherry Chaplin ads were can be gauged from the fact that they went on for quite a while, a rarity in an industry where change is almost constant.

How ‘Mummy, I am Hungry’ made Maggi a household name in India

Although simple, the “Mummy, I am hungry” ad had so many nuanced messages right under that surface. No one found it spectacularly entertaining, but it got the message across - moms trust Maggi for their kids. So it had to be good!

Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Kavin is wrong and Vanitha is right

Bigg Boss Tamil 3: Kavin and Vanitha engaged in a fierce verbal battle following the second open nomination this season.

Saaho: A futile attempt to cater to the ‘mass appeal’ of Prabhas

If you are patient enough to sit through 170 minutes, you will see how disappointing Saaho is — in terms of making, acting and execution.

Saaho: This Prabhas starrer is ambitious but deeply flawed

Sujeeth seemingly wanted to create his comic-book version of a crime city like Gotham. But what he has managed to do is create an ostentatiously nonsensical film, which cannot be salvaged even if the makers are willing to spend another Rs 100 crore.

Saaho will decide whether Prabhas is a two-hit wonder or bonafide pan-India superstar

Saaho star Prabhas became a sensation with the release of Baahubali: The Beginning in 2015. But he did not achieve this scale of success by just delivering one global hit. It came to him after 15 years and 18 films.

Celebrity do-gooders have value, just not in international affairs

Causes may be to celebrities what social responsibility is to corporates — in today’s world every star and organisation needs one.

Say goodbye to sob stories, it’s now time for mockery on reality shows

Earlier the buffer period between performances would consist of contestants’ sob stories or judges fighting with each other. But in recent times, the writers have got the anchors to crack jokes on the contestants, judges and if that was not enough, even mock themselves.