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Kalank movie review: All show and no go

Kalank movie review: Kalank doesn’t really lift off the screen. The whole feels like a giant set, stately and ponderous and minus impact; the cast all costumed and perfumed and largely life-less, sparking only in bits and pieces.

The Curse of the Weeping Woman movie review: Ghost of a Tale

The Curse of the Weeping Woman movie review: Debutant director Michael Chaves, trying to earn his Conjuring stripes, stretches a thin story, and then some more, refusing to give either Llorana or Anna or her two children a break.

Kanchana 3 movie review: ‘Amma’ sentiments, exorcism scenes and everything in between

Kanchana 3 movie review: Kanchana 3 is a frustratingly cringe-worthy piece of work masquerading as “horror comedy” that makes you squirm. Beware, this is a fine example of how sequels shouldn’t be made.

Vellaipookal movie review: Vivekh pulls off a convincing role in this unconvincing thriller

Debutant director-software engineer Vivek Elangovan tries his best to tick all the boxes that would make a thriller. He wants his story to be racy, unpredictable and full of twists. Though Elangovan manages to achieve everything in bits and pieces, Vellaipookal fails to strike a chord with you.

Mehandi Circus movie review: An affecting drama about love lost and found

Mehandi Circus movie review: Shweta Tripathi shines in this heart-crushing love story and you feel for her character when she says, “I didn’t know who you were till last month; now, you mean the world to me.” The Masaan girl is absolutely charming when she is not trying too hard.

Jersey movie review: Gowtam Tinnanuri delivers a rewarding sports drama

Jersey movie review: Not just drama, Jersey has enough cricketing moments to draw you to the edge of the seat. Gowtam exactly knows how much of cricket should be shown at a given point in the narration, so that the game doesn't overshadow the human drama.

Madhura Raja movie review: Mammootty’s wisecracks save the day

Madhura Raja movie review: Mammootty keeps the mood light with his strong performance. Mindless entertainers are a great way to veg out after a long week. Vysakh and his team have whipped up a high-calorie cheat meal.

Kavaludaari movie review: An engrossing work by a promising avant-garde filmmaker

Kavaludaari movie review: Director-writer Hemanth M Rao's Kavaludaari is not immune to the effects of the confusing times that we live in.

Gangs of Madras movie review: Too many subplots, but a satisfying gangster saga

Gangs of Madras movie review: Priyanka Ruth is an absolute delight to watch and emerges as a surprise packet. Daniel Balaji, as usual, manages to pull off his role effortlessly.

The Tashkent Files movie review: This Vivek Agnihotri film is a series of eye-roll moments

The Tashkent Files movie review: The entire film is a series of eye-roll moments, pockmarked by dialogue that’s unintentionally hilarious. We don’t really have to wait for the big reveal to see the purpose of the film.

Watchman movie review: A disjointed thriller that suffers from an identity crisis

Watchman movie review: Watchman is yet another example of Kollywood’s increasing fascination for dog-oriented films.

Pet Sematary movie review: This Stephen King adaptation leaves you with a lingering sense of dread

Pet Sematary movie review: Horror aficionados Kevin Kölsch and Dennis Widmyer are helped by a solid cast, who help establish the Creeds as a family who love each other and, importantly, whom we come to care for.