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El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie review: More than just an addendum

El Camino A Breaking Bad Movie review: Aaron Paul gives a brilliant, nuanced performance in this Breaking Bad sequel movie. In terms of look and feel, it feels like a particularly eventful episode of the show.

Petromax movie review: A ‘horror-comedy’ of errors

Petromax movie review: This Tamannaah starrer wants to do more than just make you laugh, scream. This is the film’s biggest issue.

Aruvam movie review: A good idea gone horribly wrong in execution

Aruvam movie review: There are plot twists, perhaps too many. And it all ties up in the flashback.

Diego Maradona movie review: Ode to a fallen hero

Diego Maradona movie review: There's plenty to enjoy in this Asif Kapadia documentary. Visuals of Maradona, culled from 500 hours of previously unseen footage (the discovery of which is itself worth a documentary), weaving his magic on the football field and then losing his grip away from it.

Weathering with You movie review: A little bit of everything

Weathering with You movie review: Even as you are trying to hold on to one appealing thing about Weathering With You -- and there are, admittedly, many -- director Makato Shinkai moves on to something else.

The Sky Is Pink movie review: The colour barely seeps into the film

The Sky Is Pink movie review: Occasionally, the combined charm of the star cast does lift the film, especially when they are goofing off in their fancy farmhouse-type home, keeping in sync with the family’s rise in fortunes.

Gemini Man movie review: An unconvincing conflict of the clones

Gemini Man movie review: This Will Smith starrer is dragged down by the fact that elements which might have been novel two decades ago - from government-trained assassins who are now State targets, to secret experiments and off-the-books soldiers - are stale from overuse now.

100% Kadhal movie review: This problematic remake sells everything a film shouldn’t

100% Kadhal movie review: Had the makers titled the film, ‘100% lust or 100% bullshit’, it would have made more sense. This remake offers no reason for its existence, I think. For now, 100% Kadhal is my pick for the worst movie I saw in all of 2019.

Asuran movie review: Dhanush is terrific in this well-made revenge drama

Asuran movie review: With this Dhanush starrer, Vetrimaaran proves he's one of the finest directors in Indian cinema, yet again. Only few filmmakers like him can pull off a mainstream cinema, balancing ‘realism’ and commercial elements.

War movie review: Hrithik Roshan starrer is flashy but familiar

War movie review: The chief trouble with War is that all the space is divvied up between Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff, that the poor baddies don’t really get a chance.

Joker movie review: Joaquin Phoenix shines in joyless film

Joaquin Phoenix is the embodiment of nervous, anorexic energy in his role. He just doesn’t act with his face — with or without the joker paint. He acts with his entire body, with its ribs sticking out, its back abnormally arched, its legs leaning away from him, its feet gliding from under him, its arms flailing about.

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy movie review: A typical Chiranjeevi film with a bit of Zack Snyder-esque flavor

Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy review: The major flaw in Sye Raa Narasimha Reddy is Surender's attempt to force a sprawling story into a mould that fits the narrow definition of mainstream commercial cinema.