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Billboards, charity, hacked printers in Swedish YouTuber PewDiePie’s numbers war with T-Series

T-Series, which started out in the 80s selling music recordings, covers and bhajans joined YouTube in 2006 and its subscriber base has exploded in the last two years thanks to cheap smartphones and cheaper data.

Remark against Rajiv Gandhi in Sacred Games: Centre underlines freedom of speech

The first season of Sacred Games, starring Saif Ali Khan and Nawazuddin Siddiqui, was released on July 6 and was available in 190 countries in four languages.

IFFI 2018: Chaos at venue after delegate has an ugly spat with organisers

A group of delegates alleged that Rajendra Talak, Vice Chairman of ESG, told one of the delegates, "You are from Kerala. Go back to your home."

#MeToo campaign a fad to gain publicity: IFFI jury head

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the ongoing 49th International Film Festival of India, Vinod Ganatra said the #MeToo campaign got attention because of people who are keen on fanning the phenomenon.

Drawing From Reality

Director of Kharvas, which opened the non- feature film segment of Indian Panorama at IFFI, Aditya Suhas Jambhale talks about his influences.

IFFI 2018 jury denies labelling films “anti-national” and rejecting them

IFFI 2018 feature and non-feature films jury denied having rejected movies on the basis of being “anti-national” at a press meet in Panjim.

International Film Festival of India 2018 begins

International Film Festival of India 2018 opening ceremony began with a tribute to period dramas in Indian cinema.

The Third Wife wins Best Film award at Kolkata International Film Festival

The 24th edition of Kolkata International Film Festival wrapped up with Vietnamese film The Third Wife, which won the Best Film award and an amount of Rs 51 lakh.

Alyque Padamsee: Always champion, never challenger, he strode ad world like colossus

To say that he was brilliant, impossible, dazzling, utterly his own person and the definer of Indian advertising is an understatement. Like he said in his one-line ad brief for Surf, “always the champion, never the challenger”.

From Lalitaji to the Liril girl, here’s a look at popular ad-filmmaker Alyque Padamsee’s creations

Popular ad-filmmaker, theatre personality and actor Alyque Padamsee passed away on Saturday in Mumbai.

Ad-filmmaker, theatre doyen and actor Alyque Padamsee passes away at 90

Prominent ad filmmaker and actor Alyque Padamsee passed away on Saturday in Mumbai. He was 90.

Unlike Bollywood, Iranian films are based on realities: Majid Majidi

Majid Majidi said that films in Bollywood are mostly about catering to box office collection while those in Iran are about realities and deal with social subjects.


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