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‘I secured a full scholarship to study in US, and I’m from a UP village’

Apart from studies, every student who aspires to study abroad should have a good resume which reflects their participation in co-curricular and extracurricular activities. Community service works and activities which can display leadership skills can make a resume stronger, writes Vivek Kumar.

Students’ voice: We need to update our curriculum to bring the best in each

If healthcare, cars and Facebook pages can be customised, then why not education? Every student is a possibility and his creativity and individuality are the tools of his future.

Careers are not dependent on grades, these success stories are a proof

But, is it really that big of a problem? Even if it is, how do we deal with it? In the words of our former President Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, “Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success”.

Elections will provide platform to fight for rights, voice dissent, say Panjab University student bodies

React to Punjab move to hold polls in varsities, colleges

Students voice: How to pick a career you actually like

It is never too late to change your career for your own happiness and satisfaction

Class 12 student suggests measures to reduce pollution

With the increasing pollution levels causing the National Capital Region to be blinded by thick smog, the urgency to find solutions has increased.

Safe and sound Diwali: Let’s include healthy practices in curriculum

The ban was incontrovertibly the right decision, but as I thought of the plight of the people who depended on the sale of crackers in order to earn their livelihood, I wondered if it was right to have implemented this rule just six days prior to the festival.

Interdisciplinary subjects: How mixing science, humanities streams can promote better education

Steve Jobs’ knowledge of calligraphy and the serif and sans serif types led him to create the fonts used worldwide today. Art psychotherapy is another such field, the lovechild of medicine, art, and psychology.

Why all education institutions should make humanity a compulsory subject

We do not have the time to be kind and considerate towards others since it does not seem beneficial to us, at least not for short term. This absence of humanity is crippling our country from within.

Before joining top B-school, these 5 skill are important to learn

Check out the skills you need to have while preparing for CAT, XAT or other MBA entrances.

Summer vacations: Reasons to do internships and how they help your career

This internship gave me an insight into the actual working of an office. My mentors ensured that we made the most of our experience in the corporate world.

Why do students prefer IIT over other engineering colleges?

Students also get to meet eminent professors, scientists and Nobel laureates while also being made eligible for fellowships, scholarships and financial assistance on projects. Many even take part in student-exchance and internship programmes with the world's best universities including MIT and Harvard.