Sunday, Oct 02, 2022

An IPS officer writes: How to deal with mental health challenges in the uniformed forces

September 7, 2022 9:18:59 am

Rahul Gupta writes: Dignity at the workplace and pride in uniform compensate for lack of resources. But they need to be nurtured and reinforced with proactive interventions

Tinder at 10: Love in strange places, freedom of choice — and shame

September 6, 2022 4:08:12 pm

Technology offered us an open space to find love. But we were not ready to give technology the credit

N V Ramana: A citizen’s judge

September 6, 2022 8:45:46 am

Upendra Baxi writes: As Chief Justice of India, N V Ramana displayed courage in turbulent times and negotiated a fair balance between judiciary, executive, and Parliament.

The floods in Pakistan highlight the imminent need for friendlier relations with our neighbour

September 6, 2022 8:46:58 am

Farah Zia writes: In the aftermath of floods, the absence of climate change as a political agenda is being conspicuously felt. Collective regional-level solutions should be sought and implemented.

Japan is recasting its national security vision in face of an aggressive China. India must inject strategic content into ties during 2+2 dialogue

September 7, 2022 10:15:24 am

C. Raja Mohan writes: There is deep political resistance and bureaucratic inertia against any effort to recast defence policies in both capitals. There is much that Delhi and Tokyo could do together in meeting their common security challenges.

Why Labour is glad that PM is Liz Truss

September 5, 2022 8:30:13 pm

Ali Khan Mahmudabad: New UK prime minister claims Boris Johnson’s legacy, inherits a country in crisis. The opposition may see her as an easier candidate to beat than Rishi Sunak

Liz Truss takes charge of a divided party and a UK badly in need of direction

September 6, 2022 8:43:55 am

Harsh V Pant writes: Besides steering the economy through one of its most challenging phases, Truss will also have to undo the damage done to the Conservative Party by Boris Johnson

Four years after landmark LGBT verdict: The march to full citizenship

September 6, 2022 8:45:03 am

Menaka Guruswamy writes: Supreme Court erased the 150-year-old reign of bigotry emanating from Section 377 on September 6, 2018. The constitutional journey from the closet to the sunshine must continue.

Sheikh Hasina visit: Why India should be grateful to Bangladesh PM

September 5, 2022 11:10:18 am

Sheikh Hasina has deepened ties, acted against anti-India fundamentalists, insurgents. Delhi too must now go the extra mile

Prabhash Ranjan, Aman Kumar write: Even if Taiwan’s statehood is not settled, an attack would violate international law

September 5, 2022 12:19:05 pm

Prabhash Ranjan, Aman Kumar write: Taiwanese people, for the last 70 years, have lived outside Beijing’s control and many Taiwanese do not identify themselves as Chinese. For China to forcefully re-unify Taiwan as part of its territory will be a grave violation of the right to self-determination


Vikram S Mehta writes: The road to energy atmanirbharta

September 5, 2022 11:57:20 am

Vikram S Mehta writes: Leadership to balance short-term pressures of elections with longer-term imperatives of sustainability is needed

Ashok Gulati writes: Precision farming needs to be promoted to get more output with less exploitation of natural resources

September 5, 2022 11:59:19 am

Ashok Gulati writes: In India, we have the culture of free power, free water, almost 80 to 90 per cent subsidy on urea, and so on. One critical factor that is needed is the political economy of policies

Krishna Kumar writes | The question this Teachers’ Day: Why are an increasing number of teachers failing to establish a bond with students?

September 5, 2022 11:55:07 am

Krishna Kumar writes: It seems that teaching the young is no longer an attractive profession because systemic conditions are so discouraging. It points towards the reforms that education now requires

cyrus mistry

Cyrus Mistry (1968 – 2022): An introvert bruised by Tata battle, took knocks on the chin

September 7, 2022 12:22:36 pm

The long, messy legal battle was also a fight for his reputation. Cyrus wanted to tell the world that he was doing the right thing


A good day in court, a faint political stirring

September 4, 2022 8:58:35 pm

The Supreme Court, which, for some time now, comes out, more and more, on the side of the government in cases that involve encroachment upon individual rights and freedoms, stepped into the matter this week.

‘The Rings of Power’: Polarised politics can’t ruin the joys of fandom

September 7, 2022 10:11:26 am

Aakash Joshi writes: The Rings of Power is the ultimate form of fan fiction. So how can some fans abuse others simply doing what they have been doing themselves since first encountering J R R Tolkien’s mythical world?

The happy family. But who’s family?

September 4, 2022 9:36:51 am

What is family? Is it the cousins you grew up playing with at grandparents’ homes but now see once in five years because life gets in the way? Or is it the neighbour you bonded with over two years of Covid, who came through at a terrible moment when no one else could?

P Chidambaram writes: What 13.5% reveals and hides

September 5, 2022 5:53:16 am

P Chidambaram writes: The crucial question is what are the implications for the future, especially for employment. The status of farmers and farm labour will remain the same and there will be little movement to non-farm jobs

Why Marathas need quota: A historical perspective

September 4, 2022 9:37:54 am

The British started collecting censuses in 1871 and recorded Kunbi as a caste prevalent in Maharashtra. Later, the British government divided Indian society into three main classes — Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, and the rest as intermediate classes.


Tavleen Singh writes: A padyatra to nowhere

September 5, 2022 5:52:14 am

Tavleen Singh writes: What really will be achieved by sending Congress leaders, old and young, on a long walk for the next five months? The answer is nothing that will bring it any closer to vanquishing the BJP juggernaut.

30 years later, curtains on a Babri contempt case

September 4, 2022 3:11:56 pm

The contempt petitions against Kalyan Singh and several others were filed in April 1992, months before the demolition took place. Aslam Bhure, the petitioner, had been flagging snowballing activity on the disputed site.


Vamsee Juluri writes: By denying Hinduphobia, western academia and media enable it

September 5, 2022 12:19:43 pm

Vamsee Juluri writes: Videos of Hindus being insulted and attacked for their identity expose outrageously false claims made by a section of American academia about the history of Hinduphobia

Why engineers need the arts

September 3, 2022 9:08:37 am

Manish Paliwal and Swati Parashar write: To design solutions in multiple, changing contexts, integrated education is essential


A teacher’s wish for schooling this Teachers’ Day

September 4, 2022 8:00:38 pm

Ameeta Mulla Wattal writes: Technology, digitalised classrooms, and even the use of search engines, pose challenges to the teaching community


The inner life of Virat Kohli

September 3, 2022 5:54:23 pm

Sandeep Dwivedi writes: With refreshing honesty, the cricketer around whom Indian cricket revolves, has hinted at the importance of work-life balance, reassessed his own ‘brash’ behaviour