Monday, Oct 03, 2022

Why Pratap Bhanu Mehta is wrong about Leicester and New Jersey

September 27, 2022 4:25:59 pm

Oopalee Operajita writes: The liberal playbook appears to have one trick: Blame the Hindus, and, above all, blame Narendra Modi

Abdul Khaliq writes: Muslim intellectuals meeting Mohan Bhagwat is an act of appeasement that helps RSS agenda

September 28, 2022 8:59:36 am

Abdul Khaliq writes: It was a meeting of unequals and an example of propitiation of the oppressor who calls the shots. But these luminaries should know that appeasement never works

SY Quraishi writes: Why we met the RSS chief

September 26, 2022 8:36:18 am

Strong belief in dialogue, and concerns about situation of Muslims were behind the initiative


The Muslim political predicament

September 25, 2022 7:24:29 pm

From SY Quraishi’s piece on the meet between RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat and the intellectuals from the Muslim community to Pratap Bhanu Mehta’s article on the Leicester violence, here are the top Opinion pieces recommended for you.

Jyoti Punwani writes: Making criminals of peaceful protesters diminishes Indian democracy

September 26, 2022 8:37:42 am

Earlier, even if detained, protesters were let off in a couple of hours, with no charges filed. But now, even peaceful protesters, including students, teachers and even journalists are threatened with criminal cases

SY Quraishi writes: Why we met RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

September 25, 2022 6:12:53 pm

The insecurity felt by the Muslim community in the wake of recurring incidents of lynching of innocents, calls by Hindutva hotheads for genocide and the marginalisation of the community in almost every sphere, prompted us to start a conversation with the RSS

Dominic Cork and Nasser Hussain are wrong. Deepti Sharma’s run out is within both the rules and spirit of cricket

September 25, 2022 12:10:25 pm

In the India-England series, if Deepti Sharma should have warned Charlie Dean, every fielder should tell a batter ‘don’t play in air or I will catch it’


Tavleen Singh writes: All fanatics are dangerous

September 25, 2022 8:06:53 pm

Tavleen Singh writes: Hindutva fanatics are as despicable as Jihadi fanatics, but it is wrong to say that it is because Hindu fanatics tore
down the Babri Masjid that we have seen the rise of political Islam.

Srinagar talkies: Popcorn, tears in the dark

September 25, 2022 4:18:43 pm

Humera Khalid writes: The experience of going to a movie hall was an all together surreal one — waiting eagerly for our tickets, the best seats, the unmatchable aroma of popcorn that made us float through cinema’s alleys.

Iran to Udupi, a running thread: Let women choose

September 25, 2022 10:24:02 pm

Rakhshanda Jalil writes: In India, one has been vehemently opposed to the state stepping in and telling women what they cannot wear and, in the instance of Karnataka, expressly forbidding girls from wearing hijab to school when they clearly wish to.


Inside Track: Ghar Wapasi?

September 25, 2022 9:21:56 am

Coomi Kapoor writes: The BJP believes that if the Akalis join forces with the BJP and Amarinder Singh, it could replace the Congress as the main opposition to AAP.

P Chidambaram writes: The leader and the president

September 25, 2022 9:20:26 am

P Chidambaram writes: Whether the Congress will get a Leader-cum-President or a Leader and a President, will be known in the next six days. This will be a crucial week for the Congress party as well as for the country… The unusual and obtrusive interest shown in the internal elections of the Congress party may not be entirely unjustified

Roger Federer’s farewell; Nadal’s Tears: A rivalry that defined an era

September 24, 2022 5:39:43 pm

From the customary handshake after their first meeting against each other in Miami in 2004 to holding hands in their last outing together as partners, Federer and Nadal defined each other

The success of the novel PM SHRI schools scheme will depend on the quality of educators

September 24, 2022 9:13:51 am

Ameeta Mulla Wattal writes: Poor teaching is a product of systemic deficits that makes the teaching profession unattractive to a large number of talented people. A parallel teacher training programme must be in place to train the educators in the pedagogical practices proposed by the NEP.


Adani’s global footprint and India’s infrastructure diplomacy

September 24, 2022 10:01:44 pm

Nirupama Subramanian writes: From mines to ports and logistics, the Adani conglomerate has been expanding across sectors, regions. This has gone hand in hand with India’s diplomatic and strategic outreach

Netaji’s contribution to the freedom struggle is no less than that of Gandhi and Congress

September 24, 2022 9:12:49 am

Ram Madhav writes: Installing Netaji’s statue at India Gate doesn’t diminish the contribution of other leaders. It does justice to the many strands of the national movement, not just its dominant one

Feroze Varun Gandhi writes: Why our urban spaces need to be reimagined

September 24, 2022 9:10:28 am

Feroze Varun Gandhi writes: Indian urban centres need to plan for migration, climate change. Healthcare, affordable housing, sustainability and inclusion hold the key reimagining them

TM Krishna writes: TV Sankaranarayanan was my hero and my muse

September 24, 2022 9:11:37 am

I remember him as the artist who graciously invited all of us to participate in Karnatik music’s aural euphoria

Soumya Kanti Ghosh writes: Rupee will bounce back strongly

September 26, 2022 8:40:17 am

The Indian currency has weakened because the dollar has strengthened, not because economic fundamentals have worsened


How to fix India’s broken police forces, CBI and IB

September 26, 2022 2:10:29 pm

Prakash Singh writes: The future of India is linked to police reforms. If the country is to progress and emerge as a great power, there is no alternative to radical reforms in the police

Gorkhas as Agniveers: Politics threatens to hurt regional security

September 23, 2022 4:07:48 pm

Arun Sahni writes: Apprehension over the Agnipath scheme in Nepal is political, needs to be addressed by Indian government

Humayun Khan (1932-2022), the man who stood for India-Pakistan dosti

September 29, 2022 8:30:06 am

Amitabh Mattoo writes: As High Commissioner to India and Foreign Secretary of Pakistan, he believed the two nations can resolve their issues if India has a larger heart and Pakistan develops more thoughtful head

Message from Moscow

September 23, 2022 9:28:23 am

M K Bhadrakumar writes: The obfuscations in the Western narrative — this is about aggression, national sovereignty, UN Charter, democracy versus authoritarianism, etc — are no longer sustainable.

Freeing the caged parrot

September 23, 2022 9:25:58 am

Vineet Narain writes: CBI,ED must be reformed if they are not to be used as instruments of intimidation, blackmail by governments

What ails Indian higher education: Government’s licence-permit raj

September 26, 2022 8:42:59 am

Sukanta Chaudhuri writes: The licence-permit raj has not fled the land but migrated to academia. Add to this the restrictions on free speech and writing (in the IITs, anything causing ’embarrassment’ vis-à-vis the government). Only the demented would expect freedom of teaching, research and publication in this degrading milieu