Wednesday, Oct 05, 2022

Live streaming Supreme Court proceedings: The case for and against

August 29, 2022 5:17:06 pm

Indications exist that snippets of the judicial process, once available in the public domain, are open to both sensationalism and disinformation. But we must experiment, because wholesale rejection of change is a recipe for stagnation.

Indian economy’s mixed signals

August 29, 2022 8:55:12 am

Granular picture of the economy reveals a continuing deficit in employment opportunities, subdued wage growth, limited mobility and rising inequality


James Webb telescope: Light on dark matter

August 29, 2022 7:08:47 am

Much of the universe remains unknown. The Webb telescope will hopefully provide a powerful window to help resolve some of the cosmos’s many mysteries

An end to the manufactured Pegasus scandal

August 29, 2022 8:26:55 am

The Supreme Court has brought the curtains down on the Pegasus controversy and what has once again come to the fore is the irrelevance of the Congress party and the Gandhi family


Something about the Congress

August 28, 2022 6:29:10 pm

The exit and the letter throw up a fundamental question: If Congress cannot flourish with the Gandhis, can it survive without them?  


Neerja Chowdhury writes | Ghulam Nabi Azad puts it out in the open: Under Rahul Gandhi, Congress is unable to win

August 30, 2022 10:04:03 am

Neerja Chowdhury writes: Azad’s going, then, is not the exit of yet another individual leader from Congress. It is symbolic of wider and worrying processes at work to move India towards one-party rule — and the Grand Old Party, representing the only counter force nationally, is unwilling to take the steps it should.

Agnipath and Gorkha recruits: Kathmandu must rise above politics, think of its youth

August 28, 2022 1:56:35 pm

Any further prevarication on recruitment by Nepal will dent the legacy of the Gorkha connection with the Indian army, adversely impact the Nepal-India relationship

What can one say to a three-year-old who died?

August 28, 2022 9:12:29 am

As long as that is the case, as long as Bilkis stands there asking questions, everything can change in the bat of an eyelid – for you, me, all of us.

Inside track: Expanding empire

August 28, 2022 9:13:50 am

Coomi Kapoor writes: A suggestion by N V Ramana, the just-retired Chief Justice of India, this April – that an independent umbrella institution overseeing all investigative agencies, such as the CBI, SFIO, ED, etc. should be created by a statute – sent ripples through the top echelons of security and investigative agencies.


Governors as chancellors: The points of conflict

August 28, 2022 11:16:40 am

In the initial years of our Republic, there were hardly any conflicts between governors as chancellors and state governments. The Congress was in power at the national and state level. The President, bound by the Prime Minister’s advice, appointed individuals closely linked to the party as governors.

Tavleen Singh writes: Enough of religious hatred

August 28, 2022 11:03:12 am

Tavleen Singh writes: The real problem has been created by BJP ‘intellectuals’ who appear not to notice how they demean India and the Indian idea of faith with their hysterical diatribes against Islam.

P Chidambaram writes: My right to live without fear

August 28, 2022 9:11:27 am

P Chidambaram writes: I wish there was someone with authority who would reassure citizens that they can live without fear. Alas, today, there is none in India

How woke politics is destroying the Marvel Cinematic Universe

August 27, 2022 11:05:08 am

Anand Venkitachalam writes: Not every superhero should be white or male and there should indeed be greater representation of all sections. But when their sole focus is pushing a political agenda, movies miss the mark

Bilkis Bano case: Will Supreme Court restore constitutional morality?

August 30, 2022 5:57:43 am

Indira Jaising writes: Can we expect the apex court to undo the injustice? Bilkis was not heard, it is her voice that ought to be taken into consideration

Inclusion of climate change in policy is crucial for a strong economy

August 27, 2022 8:57:39 am

Suranjali Tandon writes: RBI needs to be cognisant of risks climate change poses to economy

Lesson from Pegasus: Let’s not jump the gun in mudslinging at Centre

August 27, 2022 8:51:11 am

Hitesh Jain writes: Supreme Court-appointed committee’s report has settled the matter. But the way in which Pegasus issue was treated needs reflection

Slowing justice, the committee way

August 27, 2022 8:57:05 am

Apar Gupta writes | The Pegasus case frames CJI Ramana’s legacy: Great expectations only to be met with greater disappointment


Sanjay Jha writes on Ghulam Nabi Azad’s resignation: Congress needs a Priyanka Gandhi-Sachin Pilot ticket

August 29, 2022 8:53:22 am

Rahul Gandhi must take the blame for barricading himself from his well-meaning party colleagues. But Congress can still upset BJP applecart


Assessing CJI NV Ramana’s legacy through three key numbers: 0, 163 and 71,411

August 27, 2022 8:55:58 am

Alok Prasanna Kumar writes: Zero is the number of Constitution Benches set up to hear substantial questions of interpretation of the Constitution or the law. Appeal in the hijab case has been kept pending for 163 days. 71,411 is the number of cases pending before the Supreme Court as of August 14, 2022

What Ghulam Nabi Azad wrote to Sonia Gandhi: Full text

August 27, 2022 8:50:31 am

Ghulam Nabi Azad writes: In a scathing letter to Congress party interim chief Sonia Gandhi, veteran leader Ghulam Nabi Azad said “all the important decisions were being taken by Shri Rahul Gandhi or rather worse his security guards and PAs.”


Rekha Sharma writes: CJI Ramana’s tenure had some highs, and many belied hopes

August 27, 2022 9:06:12 am

Rekha Sharma writes: Given the crisis in the Supreme Court’s credibility, he could have been more assertive, forthright and reformist. But, unlike some of his predecessors, N V Ramana leaves the Court better for his tenure.

India as a foreign policy leader and balancer

August 26, 2022 8:49:34 am

Rajiv Bhatia writes: India’s proximity to the West and its ties with other powers gives it a foreign policy advantage


In Amrit Kaal, a lesson from the tragedies of Krishna

August 26, 2022 5:49:53 pm

Mrinal Pande writes: We are witnessing the infantilisation of a democracy and its gods


How we can democratise sports governance

August 26, 2022 8:48:16 am

Nandan Kamath writes: Correcting the rot in India’s sports governance requires work at the bottom of the pyramid


Gopal Sankaranarayanan writes | From Bilkis Bano to Pegasus: Supreme Court shows welcome urgency on crucial cases

August 26, 2022 12:55:50 pm

Gopal Sankaranarayanan writes: The introduction of strict timelines and a categorical assertion of intent ought to abide well beyond Justice UU Lalit’s tenure