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Carrier has introduced India’s first 4 IN 1 Inverter AC with Flexi Cool Hybridjet technology

The sweltering heat in the summer will no longer burn a big hole in your pocket. Carrier’s Inverter AC with flexi-cool technology offers best-in-class cooling, helping you to maintain the required temperature in your room.

Digitization of travel and tourism in India

While technology and internet add significantly to your traveling experience, the journey can be made even better by providing coverage against financial setbacks, lost belongings and health problems.

Your health or your wealth? Choose both

Private or out-of-the-pocket healthcare expenditure in India is considerably higher when compared to the global average. Coupled with the rising costs of healthcare, it is not a stretch to imagine that millions of Indians have to deal with financial straits whenever a medical issue arises.

The I-T return is an opportunity to create wealth: Surprised? It’s possible!

There are several tax-saving options that one can choose from and depending on their total income during the year either reduce their tax liability or even bring it down to zero.

All you need to know about the New Delhi World Book Fair 2019

One of the major highlights of the theme presentation is We Care International Disability Film Festival. For the first time, an International Disability Film Festival is being organized at the New Delhi World Book Fair, where over 50 documentaries from 27 countries are screened.

Dubai Duty Free Receives Two Global Traveler – GT Tested Awards

12th Consecutive “Best Duty-Free Shopping in the World” and 2nd Consecutive “Best Duty-Free Shopping in the Middle East”

Colm McLoughlin honoured with BURJ CEO “Lifetime Achievement” Award

A judging panel composed of respected executives, entrepreneurs, innovators and business educators selected the winners of the award.

Making NCR housing healthier, easier, and futuristic: Know the story of T&T group’s CEO Ankush Tyagi

In a conversation with Somdatta Saha, Ankush Tyagi, a former commercial pilot, elucidated on his decision to get into real estate business to upgrade modern living as we know it.

This heartwarming video will make you relive the sneaking-out moments of childhood!

That thrill from childhood is reborn and it's just as much fun, getting to do sneaky, childlike stuff again. Old age can be easily called the second childhood.

A Millennial Reveals 5 Secrets To Winning At Life

While we each will have our own life motto, here are five pieces of advice every millennial should hear if they want to win at life:

Artificial intelligence and its impact on insurance industry

It will help insurance companies save money, help them assess risk more accurately, prevent damage before it happens and process your claim very fast.

Work is changing, and software is here to help

Zoho is an operating system for business—a single online platform capable of running an entire business. It is the world's most prolific software company with more than 35 million users around the world, across hundreds of thousands of companies who rely on Zoho every day to run their businesses,