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Monday, May 23, 2022


All these apps are free to download, but might have some in-app purchases.

Getting smarter with your smartphone: Apps that help you learn STEM

February 17, 2020 4:15:19 pm

All these apps are free to download, but might have some in-app purchases.

A day in the life of a science teacher

March 19, 2018 5:43:30 pm

“A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning.” - Brad Henry

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Science beyond school: Relevance of STEM in your daily life

March 19, 2018 5:43:36 pm

The practical applications of STEM are immense - which is the reason why everyone should strive to study the basics.

The whiz kids who grew plants without soil, made organic manure from human hair!

February 16, 2018 1:22:34 pm

Childhood years are the most formative in a person’s life. Which is why great schools need to focus on hands-on and practical learning rather than rote learning.

Encouraging the future geniuses: Easy science experiments to do with your kids

February 14, 2018 11:13:17 am

Teaching basic science to your kids is easy, owing to the availability of several amazing books. However, in order for the kids to grasp a concept fully, there’s nothing better than letting them do it on their own and see science in action.

Shattering stereotypes: Why we should encourage our daughters to take up STEM in school

February 14, 2018 11:12:04 am

A report by the World Economic Forum suggests that only 14.3 percent of science researchers in India are women.