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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Yoginder K Alagh

The writer, a former Union minister, is an economist.

Biden and new diplomacy: India will need to recalibrate its strategy to shifting global realities
Wed, Nov 18, 2020

The Biden presidency is very sensitive to minority rights as constitutionally proclaimed and the US official human rights agencies will have more clout. Vice President-elect Kamala Harris has already commented on Kashmir, in election debates.

How project that devised self-reliance in foodgrains can guide COVID vaccination
Mon, Nov 02, 2020

The dominant Medium Is the Massage story will tell us that all’s well only after 1991. Meanwhile, we have had the second-highest COVID case load in the world. Cry my Beloved Country.

Ram Vilas Paswan worked towards the future in a business-like way
Fri, Oct 16, 2020

Yoginder K. Alagh writes: Paswan took policy and planning seriously. He took the details of the annual plan, the evaluations and appraisals of current plans and details of future plans seriously.

Farm bills can achieve a lot, but in a crisis year government should exercise caution
Tue, Oct 06, 2020

In a normal year, one would have suggested that if there are markets in place, the state should leverage them. But this year, the state will have to fight the pandemic and will not have the time to intervene with that selective touch.

Policymaking has to take the lead in addressing urban-rural disparities
Tue, Aug 18, 2020

Most agricultural trade actually takes place outside APMCs. The facilities are abysmal. In this period, we can do much to strengthen both the first stage agro-processing infrastructure (supply chains) and the functioning of markets.

Wait for the migrant: Once opportunities are there, they will return
Fri, Jul 10, 2020

Once opportunities are there, migrants will return to the city. But until then, they must not be stopped from going back home. The market should be allowed to work for both industry and labour

Pandemic is not going to bring us an idyllic Gandhian order
Wed, May 20, 2020

As the vaccine arrives, the virus will just be a shadow and populations will expand.

Coronavirus pandemic is a reminder of the need for a database of local knowledge
Wed, Apr 01, 2020

It is important to generate and have ready knowledge for one’s own country for such crises, rather than rely on global simulations where you are just a dot on a line.

India and US must ignore blips in relations, talk business
Fri, Mar 06, 2020

There are obviously differences between the two nations on the trade pact. There is “progress”, diplomatese to say we were not at blows, but otherwise we don’t know the way forward.

Government must avoid hollow reform promises to keep economy truly on upswing
Fri, Jan 31, 2020

Advice for North Block: Please don’t cool down the stimulus and start getting back only to “reform” to keep the economy going. If your gross savings and investment rates keep on falling, don’t expect the economy to revive.

JNU is one of India’s great universities. Its autonomy must be nurtured and replicated
Thu, Jan 09, 2020

Last year, a consultant came to meet me. He was commissioned to give a report on how to build globally eminent universities and since JNU had done it in my days, he wanted the “formula”. There isn’t one: A great university is built with autonomy and accountability.

Women, Adivasis and Dalits will power India’s growth story
Wed, Jan 01, 2020

Women are not the only ones we discriminate against. Brahmanical leadership in thought will be changed to take advantage of the large Adivasi and Dalit population as another great asset for growth.

India’s RCEP choice was born out of the many complexities of its development needs
Thu, Dec 12, 2019

There is also a need to support the newer kind of farmers’ organisations that are coming up. The need for initial financing for such arrangements, drawing in private rural savings and other financial sector savings, is tremendous.

Agriculture urgently needs higher resource allocation, policy support
Fri, Nov 08, 2019

Ignoring the medium and long-term needs of agriculture can prove to be very expensive in a land and water-deficit regime.

Bapu, you will have to tell us how to wipe the tears from every person’s eye
Fri, Oct 18, 2019

Let us critically examine the relevance of Gandhi’s main economic ideas. The first is that wants should be limited. This is important in a poor economy.

Why 2005 declaration on synergy between government and NGOs is still relevant
Wed, Oct 02, 2019

Development required technology, capital, and other resources but above all, motivation and capability of the concerned people to utilise their resources in efficient, equitable, and sustainable manner. Such participation was the core of sustainable development.

Yugandhar played a pioneering role in turning attention of administration to local institutions
Thu, Sep 19, 2019

Yugandhar was busy as long as his legs and lungs, devastated by cigarette smoking, would allow. He would travel to Anand to help IRMA to develop its State of Panchayati Raj reports.

Measures to arrest economic slowdown are a good first move
Fri, Sep 06, 2019

Most of the announcements will take a few weeks to implement. But if the action starts now, the last quarter of the year should see the economy clocking a 6 plus per cent growth rate.

Sardar Sarovar Project should be completed to avail of the promised gains
Wed, Aug 21, 2019

Gujarat has correctly stated that after the reservoir fills up, if water is still flowing into the dam, the largest main canal of the world will be used to take water to Saurashtra and will fill up the many small dams in the plateau. This was modelled as a benefit of the project in the original blueprint of the SSP in 1984.

Allocations are key
Thu, Aug 08, 2019

Economic policy needs to finetune its focus. It needs fewer lectures on reform.

Union Budget must focus on reviving investment, address rural distress
Tue, Jul 02, 2019

Rural distress is real. The first is to recognise it. Drinking water, improving efficiency of existing irrigation systems, rural finance, including temporary waiver of loan repayments, needs funds, which the affected states do not have.

Reforms initiated by the United Front government have not got their due
Thu, May 16, 2019

Planning in a strategic sense was revived and agriculture was accorded priority after the thoughtless WTO agreements signed by the Narasimha Rao government.

Looking at India 2024
Fri, Apr 05, 2019

Elections are also a moment for policy fantasies. Perhaps some will come true.

The economy is in a coma; low growth may have a bearing on poll outcomes
Thu, Mar 21, 2019

Quarterly GDP growth has set a record. It’s at a six quarter low. Our woes are compounded by the disaster in agriculture. Growth in 2018/19 is sharply lower at 2.7 per cent.

The National Sample Survey needs to be kept above the realm of politics
Thu, Feb 28, 2019

The Indian National Sample Survey is respected the world over. Not just because of its size, but also for its sample design, that uses methods honed by some of the world’s most reputed statisticians.