Yoginder K Alagh

The writer, a former Union minister, is an economist.

Articles By Yoginder K Alagh

Measures to arrest economic slowdown are a good first move

Most of the announcements will take a few weeks to implement. But if the action starts now, the last quarter of the year should see the economy clocking a 6 plus per cent growth rate.

Sardar Sarovar Project should be completed to avail of the promised gains

Gujarat has correctly stated that after the reservoir fills up, if water is still flowing into the dam, the largest main canal of the world will be used to take water to Saurashtra and will fill up the many small dams in the plateau. This was modelled as a benefit of the project in the original blueprint of the SSP in 1984.

Allocations are key

Economic policy needs to finetune its focus. It needs fewer lectures on reform.

Union Budget must focus on reviving investment, address rural distress

Rural distress is real. The first is to recognise it. Drinking water, improving efficiency of existing irrigation systems, rural finance, including temporary waiver of loan repayments, needs funds, which the affected states do not have.

Reforms initiated by the United Front government have not got their due

Planning in a strategic sense was revived and agriculture was accorded priority after the thoughtless WTO agreements signed by the Narasimha Rao government.

Looking at India 2024

Elections are also a moment for policy fantasies. Perhaps some will come true.

The economy is in a coma; low growth may have a bearing on poll outcomes

Quarterly GDP growth has set a record. It’s at a six quarter low. Our woes are compounded by the disaster in agriculture. Growth in 2018/19 is sharply lower at 2.7 per cent.

The National Sample Survey needs to be kept above the realm of politics

The Indian National Sample Survey is respected the world over. Not just because of its size, but also for its sample design, that uses methods honed by some of the world’s most reputed statisticians.

Interim Satisfaction

The new government may not back the allocations in the budget.

In spite of adequate pension, I am poor as per govt’s new criteria

The real issue for the country is to ensure growth across gender, caste or religious lines. For markets cannot function otherwise.

Trust in generation next

New year could see revival of more pluralistic institutions.

Take a stand

India seems to be shifting its position at WTO, aligning with multinationals

T N Srinavasan: The Enduring Economist

T N Srinivasan’s work will continue to enrich the discipline of economics.

Happy Hours & Happy Seeders

How electioneering throws a spanner on solving real problems.

Policy paralysis

Government seems blind to the crisis in agriculture, slowdown in industry

The Uncovered Last Mile

Policymakers need to ask why programmes for farmers do not reach them.

A blueprint by bureaucrats

Recent measures to defend currency are insufficient, poorly thought.

Fact Fighting

Statistical estimates on the economy are sacred and need to be treated as such.

The Upward Push

Increase in infrastructure spending will place the economy on road to higher growth.

Sowing Slogans

MSP is important, but real issues are markets, first-stage processing and supply chains.