Yogendra Yadav

The writer is president, Swaraj India

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Why Congress can’t: It doesn’t possess the vision, strategy or ground strength

The Congress is an obstacle to those who want to build an alternative. A large mainstream party acts like a magnet that catches a lot of energy around it. So, even when the Congress is unable to defeat the BJP, it ends up diverting and diffusing a lot of the energy that gets drawn to it.

Rajni Kothari, the political scientist of India

Rajni Kothari made it possible to think of India as a ‘normal’ democracy, writes Yogendra Yadav

BJP, like Congress

BJP’s success shows that there is no alternative to Congress-style politics. Or that it is yet to emerge.

A sarkari campaign about us

The real question is not why government wants to push the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, but what it wants to pack into this campaign.

No more advantage BJP?

Only consistent trend in bypolls across states since the general election is the party’s loss of seats

And the winner is English

This agitation is not against English but against the dominance of English. It is against the presumption that the national talent resides within the tiny pool of English speakers.