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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Wilima Wadhwa

Wilima Wadhwa is head, ASER Centre.

‘Learning loss’ in the pandemic, explained: The case of elementary schools in Karnataka
Tue, Sep 21, 2021

The New Education Policy 2020 stressed the need to give foundational skills high priority. Now, as never before, this is the urgent need of the hour, for young children and for all age groups in the elementary stage.

Children from economically weaker backgrounds have fallen behind as classes shifted to the digital mode
Wed, Jan 27, 2021

Although there has been a lot of public discussion on digital modes of education for school children, online and video classes catered largely to urban or educated elite populations whose children went to private schools.

Ability versus aspiration
Tue, Jan 16, 2018

Competencies and achievements of young people will need to be aligned with expectations