Wajahat Habibullah

The writer is a former chairperson of the National Commission for Minorities.

Articles By Wajahat Habibullah

Lakshadweep’s development bears imprint of Rajiv Gandhi’s visit in 1988

And Lakshadweep today has no poor. This was Rajiv’s enduring gift to the islanders.

A bureaucracy for our times

Recruitment to the civil service needs to be modernised. But it will require a complete overhaul of the system — not piecemeal initiatives.

Kashmiriyat lives

A generation has grown up amid violence. Yet, the state can fall back on its heritage of tolerance, confluence

Let’s not go back in time

Suspending democracy, imposing governor’s rule, would undo political progress in Kashmir

From Ufa to square one

How will the India-Pak stakeholders pick up the pieces now? Even back-channel talks will only work if the political leaderships of both countries are prepared to give clear direction

The Machil break

Could the army’s decision in the case open a new chapter in the poll-bound state?

Questions about answers

RTI was designed to expand access to information,by training citizens and the government

Holding government to account

Right to information admittedly presents large challenges for public authorities,but it is crucial for a complex nation like ours

Kashmir: endgame or violent rebirth?

The authorities need to use the lull to allow the people of the state to become participants in governance