Vinay Bharat-Ram

The writer is CMD of DCM Group and visiting professor of economics at IIT Delhi.

Articles By Vinay Bharat-Ram

Limits of notebandi

Demonetisation alone can’t address tax evasion. This needs major reforms, including bringing land and real estate under the GST

Narrowing the view

Why Hindutva must not be allowed to define Hinduism

A make in India conundrum

How much we make will depend on the interest rate, how much is exported will depend on the exchange rate.

A good rate

Properly managed,rupee depreciation could work to India’s advantage

Beyond the budget

Economic fundamentals are strong,but let’s not take them for granted. Interest rates must reduced

What we hold in common

Theories of common resources are crucial to managing the stresses of India’s development.

The art of peace

History may have passed Marx by but not his guru Hegel. The Hegelian dialectic remains a powerful tool to explain societal change.

Liquidity self-traps

India’s growth story in the last 15 years has ridden on the back of the middle income group and the affluent.