Vikram S Mehta

The writer is the chairman of Brookings India and senior fellow, Brookings Institution.

Articles By Vikram S Mehta

Forum that facilitates cohesive thinking on economy, also has ears of political leadership, is urgently needed

Our administrative apparatus is vertically structured within silo-ed compartments. There is no forum to enable and facilitate interdisciplinary, interdepartmental and collaborative economic decision-making.

What investors really want

Modi 2.0 must move the needle towards meeting necessary conditions for incentivising investment.

India should use diplomatic tools at its disposal to help de-escalate US-Iran tensions

The US-Iran stand-off is wrapped in a “fog of uncertainty”. No one really knows what will happen but what we do know, based on our reading of Clausewitz and understanding of history, is that it could take no more than a false report, a miscalculation or simply an accident for the region to conflagrate into violent conflict.

Over The Barrel: How to boost the energy drive

A blueprint of initiatives the new government can consider.

Non-dollar based trading regime holds key to breaking US stranglehold over oil trade

One of several reasons for America’s economic leverage is that it sits at the epicenter of the global financial system. The dollar is a reserve currency. Global trade is preponderantly carried out in dollars. Oil is priced in dollars.

Time is of the essence, steps must be taken to increase consumption of renewable energy

Today, every projection of India’s energy future draws the same broad conclusion: energy demand will move on an upward curve, indigenous supplies will fail to keep pace, energy imports will rise, and the environment will face increasing stress.

What lessons can Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez offer Indian leaders who wish to push climate change policies?

The Cortez resolution may eventually end up in the archives like so many other resolutions on the same subject but, today at least, it has to be credited for bringing global warming into the US national conversation.

The techno dystopia

Controversy over EVMs shows that regulatory structures are needed to ensure the algorithmic world doesn’t trample on democratic rights.

Carryovers from 2018

The science of global warming is incontrovertible. The planet is headed for a climate-induced catastrophe.

Over The Barrel: How to avoid the perfect storm

One day, resource scarcity, geopolitical chaos and climate-induced devastation could creep up on us.

Juggler’s art

Petroleum minister has to achieve oil supply security and balance the country’s strategic interests

Three men & a possibility

Kuldip Nayar and Vajpayee rejected narrative of Partition for India-Pak. Imran Khan can rewrite the script

Trump’s foreign policy: An unlovely triangle

Between strategic-energy interests with Iran and a flip-flopping US president, India must find its own balance.

Over The Barrel: Networked and vulnerable

A tightly-connected world is more imperilled by cyber attack, disease and global warming. It requires inspired leadership. India and China have an opportunity.

Over The Barrel: Because the business of business isn’t just business

Pooling Corporate Social Responsibility funds will facilitate sharing of experiences, reduce duplication of efforts and facilitate a geographically equitable distribution of resources.

Let’s not slip again

Why government must not ask public sector outfits to bear burden of high oil price regime

The unlikely bulwark

The much-maligned bureaucracy has become a hurdle in the way of populist misadventure

Over The Barrel: The fourth political revolution?

A new political model is needed that is more responsive to changes being wrought by forces of globalisation, technology, humanity.

New era, old budget

The absence of energy from the finance minister’s script showcased a larger disconnect

Over The Barrel: An energy agenda for 2018

Ten challenges the government must look in the eye in the new year.