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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Vijay Gokhale

The writer was India’s Ambassador to China and Foreign Secretary.

What Beijing wants to tell the rest of the world
Mon, Jul 19, 2021

Vijay Gokhale writes: China believes its own rise and the decline of the US are inevitable. India must pay attention

India’s superficial understanding of China will no longer do
Thu, Jul 01, 2021

Vijay Gokhale writes: The Chinese Communist Party’s centenary is a timely reminder of the need to go beyond the focus on the PLA in the context of the boundary question and China’s foreign policy in South Asia

Even a Biden victory cannot return the US to the days of open borders and free trade
Thu, Nov 05, 2020

Beyond the optics, the Trump Americans, who are the new political base, will still shape American policy irrespective of who the president is. “America First” is here to stay.

President Xi’s long game: World is dealing with a leader who believes he will shape a Chinese Century
Wed, Jul 29, 2020

Xi Jinping intends to be the Leader of the “Second Hundred” just as Mao Zedong is regarded as the Leader of the “First Hundred”. This means the world will be dealing with President Xi Jinping for some time. It is, therefore, important to get a proper measure of the person.

China sees Indo-Pacific idea in terms of balance of power, not for advancing common interests
Tue, Jul 07, 2020

China should re-consider its position and view the Indo-Pacific idea as an instrument for advancing common interests, and not make it a source of conflict or tension.

There is a pressing need for India to develop a comprehensive Underwater Domain Awareness strategy
Tue, Jun 23, 2020

This will need coordination between our national security agencies, the navy, and the government departments responsible for the marine environment and disaster management, but also collaboration with like-minded countries who share our concerns.

How the South China Sea situation plays out will be critical for India’s security
Tue, Jun 16, 2020

It is not China's sea, Indians have sailed its water for centuries. Delhi has stakes in commerce, peace and security in Indo-Pacific, it must now play the long game.