Udit Raj

The writer is a BJP MP in the Lok Sabha

Articles By Udit Raj

A Myth Called Merit

It reeks of caste prejudice and has deprived India of prosperity and progress

Why the Centre must go for revision of judgment on SC/ST law

Even if the government doesn’t have any role in the latter, there is a perception among SC/STs that the government or the ruling party is not doing enough.

The Great Deception

Richest 1 per cent do not owe their wealth to intelligence and hard work.

Where’s The Indian Lincoln?

A society that discriminates against its own does not prosper in the long run.

Not Without Reservations

Tina Dabi didn’t avail of reservations, but they made her achievement possible.

Crocodile tears for Rohith

Activists cry for Rohith but do they ever fight for true empowerment of Dalits?