Tunku Varadarajan

Tunku Varadarajan is the Virginia Hobbs Carpenter Research Fellow at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

Articles By Tunku Varadarajan

Reverse swing: The Bharat Mata test

The escalation of the National Institute of Technology, Srinagar, incident has shown us up as a truly petty people.

Reverse swing: In praise of T20

A form of cricket once scorned by the purists can be a thing of real beauty.

Reverse Swing: After the horror in Brussels

On March 22, multiple explosions in Brussels left 31 dead. Five takeaways from the most recent act of Islamist terrorism in the West.

Reverse swing: Playing cricket for my life

Here’s an Indian Test XI that would fight to the bitter end. I start with Gavaskar and Sehwag. And please note there is no Tendulkar.

Reverse swing: Why Trump suits Hillary

The billionaire is wrecking the Republican Party — and making things easy for the Democrats.

Reverse swing: The beauty of sedition

Let us hail Kanhaiya. If not for his politics, then certainly for the eloquence of his language.

Reverse Swing: Dear Mr Modi, more growth, less Hindutva

The ruling party should leave secularism alone. Economic reform is what will save India from itself

Reverse Swing: The BJP versus the jholawala

Some lessons from the national embarrassment that is the JNU sedition affair. Will non-Hindutva Modi voters be left in the lurch?

Reverse Swing: Modi is not Trump, Trump is not Modi

One is a political freak, the other a self-made leader with a vision for his country. The comparisons are amusing, but utterly facile.

Reverse swing: Racist Bangalore, racist India

Indians need to take drastic action to end racism against black Africans. We can’t be behaving like animals toward foreigners in our country.

Reverse Swing: Europe’s cultural nightmare

There’s a galloping sense of ‘buyer’s remorse’, as the Old Continent wakes up to the truth that it has taken on a mass of people who cannot be assimilated.

Reverse Swing: My ‘anti-national’ brother

A respected journalist is gagged by goons on a university campus.

Reverse Swing: Nikki of America

Ms Haley is Indian-American, and Christian, and a political star.

Reverse swing: Five lessons from Pathankot

What India must do—and not do—in its war against terrorists

Reverse swing: The good, the bad and the ugly from India in 2015

From foreign policy to gay sex, what went wrong and what went right.

Reverse Swing: Christmas in the Ummah

The hypocrisy of the Islamic world is laid bare once more

Jyoti Singh: Let’s say it aloud, again and again

As Nirbhaya, Jyoti became a symbol of civic convenience that fit with Indian society’s patriarchy. We know her name. Let’s say it aloud, again and again

The India we hate and love

All that makes and breaks the country — faith to family, politics to media.

Reverse swing: The India that says no

In both, cricket and politics, what we were seeing was a species of indignant, nationalist pushback against standards set by the West.

Reverse swing: No cricket with Pakistan

I’d be lying if I were to say that I don’t enjoy watching India play Pak. That word — enjoy — is a meagre way to describe the feelings that course through millions of Indians when India takes on its westerly neighbour.