Tony Joseph

The writer is a former editor of ‘Businessworld’ magazine.

Articles By Tony Joseph

How Narendra Modi’s mandate for 2019 is different from the one in 2014

The mandate of 2019 could not be more different: it is for religion-based muscular nationalism, or Hindutva.

The real reasons for demonetisation might be hiding in plain sight

The Government insists there was no bungling and everything is going according to plan. An inquiry into what that implies.

Queen of Her Realm

An intriguing account of the life of Sethu Lakshmi Bayi, ruler of Travancore, is also a story of how a progressive matrilineal system was upstaged by Victorian prudery and patriarchy.

When in a pickle, make some fudge

That skewed sex ratios affect population growth is self-evident. Still, here are three studies to prove it.

Bend it like Bhalla

On census, Christians and conversions, Surjit Bhalla has tortured his data to make it say what he wants to hear.

The faces in the mirror

The movement led by Anna Hazare sacrifices principle at the altar of loyalty,responding no differently than the politicians they attack