Tirtha Chatterjee

Tirtha Chatterjee is research associate at ICRIER.

Articles By Tirtha Chatterjee

Quick fix for the farmer

In the absence of patience and vision, the loan waiver remains the most favoured response to farm distress

From Plate to Plough: The limits of MSP

Instead of fiddling with procurement prices, government must devise an income policy for farmers.

From Plate to Plough: The right agri-support

Schemes to ensure that farmers get fair returns will come a croppper unless trade and tariffs are synced with minimum support prices.

From Plate to Plough: Agri-futures, like China

A robust futures market helps China’s farmers get better prices for their produce. India must begin by allowing prospecting only for non-sensitive commodities.

From plate to plough: Plan for the agri-futures

The futures market is one way to ensure that farmers’ planting and selling decisions are forward-looking. It can help smoothen the boom and bust problem in agri prices.