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Fifth column: Giving Sadhvi Pragya a ticket to enter public life is puzzling and wrong

In a more enlightened time, Sadhvi Pragya would not have been allowed to ‘preach religion’, leave alone be a member of the Lok Sabha. So to give her a ticket to enter public life is puzzling and wrong.

Fifth column: Modi’s good deeds forgotten by the hate his associates often spread

There are many former believers in Modi who have lost faith in him, and their reasons for losing faith are economic. The World Bank may rank India as a country that has become one in which it is easier to do business, but on the ground this appears somehow to have got lost in translation.

Fifth column: Rahul Gandhi has behaved as if a usurper had stolen his birthright

What is that old saying about great arrogance coming before a great fall? Whatever it is, somebody needs to whisper it in the ear of Rahul Gandhi, the man who hopes to be prime minister next month.

Fifth Column: If Rahul Gandhi believes his NYAY is going to make a difference, he is wrong

Taxpayers will pay Rs 3.6 lakh crore extra to support the NYAY scheme that some describe as ‘Gareebi Hatao 2.0’. Rahul Gandhi’s grandmother launched the first version of this scheme in 1971 and won a spectacular victory in the general election that year.

Fifth column: No justice yet for Pehlu Khan

Democracy is not possible without the rule of law. We must hope that Modi remembers this if he becomes prime minister again.

Where is the Rafale bribe money?

It is not just the Air Force that struggles along without the modernisation it needs. The Army and Navy fare no better. During the Kargil War, we found to our horror that the Army did not have enough coffins to bring dead soldiers back from that mountainous battlefield.

A suicidal Opposition?

The media is entitled to express different points of view. But, for senior Indian political leaders to start sowing horrible doubts about the nature of the Indian State should disqualify them from being in public life.

Fifth column: Well done, PM Modi

So I am proud of what the Indian Air Force did last week and congratulate Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his courageous decision to allow a military response. But, a little annoyed that the Modi government has let the narrative slip out of its hands.

Fifth column: Kashmir is a domestic problem

Why is it so hard for senior leaders in both our main national parties to say clearly that these attacks shame India and must be stopped?

Pulwama attack an act of war, not ‘Pakistani terrorism’

Attacks like the one that killed 40 CRPF men last week are not acts of terrorism; they are acts of war.

Fifth Column: Modi did not need to sound defensive

Modi did not need to sound defensive at all in his speech. His achievements are many and anyone who travels in rural India can see them.

Fifth column: Confusion better than certainties

The man who the Congress party hopes will replace Narendra Modi has started articulating his economic and political ideas with startling clarity.

Fifth column: Priyanka becomes a politician

Rahul Gandhi has just won his first three elections, having fought and lost more than 30, so he is finally being seen as a leader. And not just a bumbling heir. Is this the time for his sister to come in as number two on the board of the family firm?

Fifth column: Myths and science

The Prime Minister himself said, at the opening of a medical facility, that plastic surgery must have been known in ancient India for Shiva to have given his son Ganesha the head of an elephant.

Fifth column: The wrong constitutional amendment

Young Indians do not need more reservations. They need more colleges and universities.

Fifth column: Paper aeroplanes

The Congress president then went on to hold a press conference to declare that the Prime Minister had run away from the debate. I am ready to debate him, he announced grandly, but he is too scared to face the House.

Stories beyond MeToo

Indian women journalists raucously telling their own stories in the MeToo movement have rarely spoken for truly voiceless women. Instead, they have chosen to tell the stories of women powerful enough to bring down a minister.

Fifth Column: A year of bad choices

Had Modi remained true to his promise of taking India in an economic direction that veered towards free markets and reduced regulations, we would have seen that kind of dramatic change by now.

Fifth Column: Anti-national nationalism

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has made it clear that cows are more important so their possible slaughter took priority. Does this make him a nationalist or anti-national?

Messiah Modi?

The manner in which the Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the arrival of his new tax is another sign of messianic behaviour. Nobody celebrates taxes.