Tarunabh Khaitan

The writer, an associate professor in law at the University of Oxford and Hackney Fellow in law at Wadham College, is author of ‘A Theory of Discrimination Law’

Articles By Tarunabh Khaitan

Ranked-choice voting system could deepen democracy, prevent polarisation

Instead of mandating the ranking of all candidates, a voter can have the option of ranking up to three top choices: She may cast only a single-unranked-vote, or rank her top two or her top three candidates. Such a 1-2-3-vote system would deepen democracy and reduce political polarisation.

An Independent Institutions Bill remains a long-unrealised constitutional aspiration

The Opposition should put its money where its mouth is. An Independent Institutions Bill should feature in their manifestoes

A sinking, slow and steady

Nations can sleepwalk into the creeping authoritarianism of the 21st century because of its stealthy incrementalism.

Protection whose time has come

Why the Anti-Discrimination and Equality Bill 2016 must find champions in the Centre and states

The trap of personal laws

They may harm rather than preserve religious freedom.

The Court’s Second Chance

Supreme Court has an opportunity to rectify its ruling on Section 377

A better design for social justice

Affirmative action is necessary. But caste-based reservations are unimaginative, crude and costly for the intended beneficiaries.

Equality beyond identity

Time for the substantive debate on the Equal Opportunities Commission....

Arresting facts

Augustus Caesar’s advice to make haste slowly was evidently not on the minds of our Lok Sabha MPs when they recently cleared eights bills...